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    They are more attractive than the East German's 1980 women's Olympic team! They got their medals pulled because they later admitted they were on the juice!
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    Wear something like that? In THIS weather?
    No way! I prefer my ears to stay on my head.

    But I did get an Ushanka! Two, actually. A white one and a black one.
    Wow, am I glad I did…. we've had the worst winter here in decades.

    The white one was made in Russia out of very soft rabbit fur and is my favorite by far.
    The black one was made in Belarus, is standard russian navy issue and is fake wool.
    I got a lot of use out of these Ushankas.


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    We have had a lot of cold weather here in Tennessee this winter but not as much snow as up north. -2F one morning. BBRRR... My Ushanka came in handy. I don't own a snow shovel! I also don't throw salt all over my driveway and porch because I don't like it tracked inside the house. They threw enough salt down around the plant to pickle 10,000 hams and it was tracked inside and created a real mess. The floors inside the admin building are still gritty looking. I could borrow Dad's fertilizer spreader and coat my driveway with salt but since I have a Subaru and Explorer AWD there is no point in it since both vehicles make it up my driveway with no problems. To be honest I wish they would just scrape the roads and be done with it but I guess not everyone like me owns two all wheel drive vehicles.
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    -2℉? A Heat Wave! Almost warm enough to shed a few layers.

    I had just returned Comrade Trabi to duty and we got hit with 6" of wet cement-like snow when it suddenly got extremely cold during a torrential rainstorm last week.

    All-wheel-drive? Why? Comrade Trabi's stablemate, the humble Tercel* has only front wheel drive and we didn't have any trouble getting around through the worst Chicago winter in decades.

    Don't fuss about the salt.
    At my place of employment, they didn't salt the employee parking lot and wham! someone went down on the ice and broke open the back of her head.
    I was the one that found her on the lot and called 911.
    For what this is going to cost the place, they could have salted it for many decades.

    *- the humble Tercel is a cheap Western copy of advanced Sachsenring technology, as are all other transverse-engine front wheel drive cars since the VW Golf/Rabbit
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