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    Ending with...
    A story from a victim saying it was all for the best, and she would have been ok on the East Side.

    I suspect the main cause of the "currency shortage" was ultimately the West, who specialize in this sort of destruction of countries, while making sure someone else , Russia in this case, gets the blame.

    They would have to have kept this extremely secret, and not for the West's benefit.
    If the Soviets (socialist workers' councils) found out about any form of human trafficking, for the best or not, the involved officials would have had a very unhappy time. Like new Nuremberg trials kind of unhappy.

    Unlike England, where this story is from, where an actual LEGAL slave trade was carried on for centuries…. no secrecy was necessary when humans were for sale in the want ads!

    Kind of funny that a country that traded in Slaves and Drugs for centuries would complain about some corrupt officials, or even the administration itself, in a socialist country breaking the laws of their own country and selling off some prisoners to the country they wanted to go to anyway "for their own good" in complete secrecy in the middle of a Cold War, but hey, that's hypocrisy for you.
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