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    So I was at Petsmart today picking up some bird food for my wife (for her birds, not her) and I see this sweet Mercedes. I thought this would make a great photo op. So before I could snap a photo this guy approaches me and asks me what kind of car I'm driving and where it was made. So I'm, "Well this one was made in West Germany and this one was made in East Germany". So owner of the Mercedes comes out and says, " I know you from some where". She used to be a nurse at Medical where I work. I think she said it her car was a 1971 model. She said she wanted a new steering wheel because her's was cracked and the speedometer did not work. I'm thinking, "Have you priced any of that stuff lately off Ebay.de"? That Becker radio in her car I've seen go for several hundred dollars on Ebay. And to think I got my late model steering wheel for about $15!


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