1. Ian

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  2. Keri

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    Nothing decadent about them.
    1- the old rags had to be conserved for Duroplast construction.
    2- They were specially tuned for sounds likely to emanate from Sachsenring vehicles, snd so had to be marked as such.
    3- marking them with ink would waste expensive ink which could rub off on one's ears, and
    4- the wood particles from the carving process could also be used for Duroplast construction if the supply of old rags was interrupted.
    5- unlike old rags, earplugs carved from olivewood could last for generations. Just like the Trabant itself!
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  3. kev the builder

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    i never thought of it like that, long lived earplugs!makes a change from the throw away foam ones found in capitalist builders merchants!
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