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  2. Hi,

    I will be selling my Trabant soon as I am moving. Not sure if anybody is interested, before I put it up for sale on Ebay and other sites. It's a 1990 Trabant with 1.1 Engine and it is Kombi. Has stick shift on floor. I have owned it for for while here. It has a Florida title. I am located in Naples, FL. I will post pictures. Please let me know if you are interested.

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    What is the asking price? The 1.1 has always been an intriguing car.
  4. DaveinOz

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    That painted car was only sold on ebay a few months back - then it went for a few hundred dollars so looks like the dealer has flipped it and pocketed a cheeky $1000.

    Forget the lawn ornament, clean off the windows and lights and you'd have the most psychedelic Trabi on the road!

    Also I'd love a 1.1 as a daily drive - it's like a Trabi that's been modded from the factory!
  5. Sorry guys, I'm not on the forum everyday. The asking price is $5000. Here are Trabant2.jpg a couple pictures.
  6. Justin

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    @Mark Maliszewski if you are serious about selling your 1.1, then you should create a separate thread so it will receive the proper traffic.

    I wonder if we know who part the psychedelic one.
  7. tricken

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    such bad timing on the 1.1 so much want.

    that painted kombi was sold for 800 a bit ago, i wanted it for a shell to build a rally car out of but not at the current price
  8. EasternBloc

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  9. turbofiat124

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    Wonder how much GOOP, lacquer thinner or acetone would it take to remove all of that paint to make the car nice again?

    It's cool to paint a naked women and a warrior on a 70's Boogy van, but that Trabant just looks horrible! What were they thinking?

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