1. Justin

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    I wrote this in response to a post on one of the email groups and thought it might be helpful to put here. The question posed was in regards to German sellers advertising shipping within Germany only.

    Feel free to add your own thoughts, opinions and experiences.

    I have had hit or miss luck with the Germans on German eBay.

    If you are shopping on German eBay, you do not have to create a separate eBay account to shop there. If you already have an eBay account here in the States (or wherever you are), just go to eBay.de and log-in with that.

    If you contact them (The seller) with a little broken German (I like Google Translate), The seller almost always responds and lets you know either way. I have had some that are adamant about not shipping outside of Germany and others that are so amazed that a Trabi has made its way to the US that they bend over backwards to help and often tell me to let them know if I need anything else.

    Another option is that parts are not expensive for these cars so you can go through one of these vendors. I have used all three. For, two of them (I think) there is not an English version, however, if you download Google Chrome, it will automatically translate the sites into English for you.

    1. LDM Tuning - Pro's: Lars speaks very good English and he has almost anything and everything for these cars, including performance upgrades. I have never received a part from him that wasn't quality. Cons: Most expensive of the three, in some cases by more than double

    2. TrabantWelt - Personally, I do most of my business with Frank. Pros: Very affordable on parts and shipping. You do have to email him after you submit and he will work with you on shipping costs. His English is not great, but if you email him he does a lot better than if you call him. Every part I have got from them has been great. Cons: If they are out of stock on something it can be a little slow. Their site is in German only, but with Google Chrome you can read everything. They can also be a little slow on responding to email, but he always will.

    3. Danzer-Autoteile - Pros: Mid range on parts pricing and shipping is very reasonable, if you email Andrea after you submit your order, she will ALWAYS work with you. Her English is pretty good, better than she gives herself credit for, but like Frank, if you email her, she does a lot better, but you can call her. Every part I have got from them has been great. Cons:Their site is in German only, but with Google Chrome you can read everything. Also their site limits what they have, Andrea can get pretty much anything you need, you just have to ask.

    I have often times found that some of these sites (Especially 2 and 3) will have the same parts new, for the same price, or sometimes less, including shipping, than you would even get on eBay.

    I hope this helps.
  2. Keri

    Keri Leader

    I've done some German eBay for Trabi stuff also.

    So far, I've been avioding the "Deutchland Only" sellers in favor of the "weltweit" ones and have had great luck.
    Germans seem to be notoriously good eBay-ers! :D

    Anyone thinking about dealing with German eBay or any other country's eBay should keep a few things in mind:

    1- You went There. They did not come Here. Therefore, the burden of avioding misunderstandings falls on You.
    This involves not only translations and language difficulties, but expectations regarding anything not specifically spelled out.

    2- Do not bid on an item that is not specifically marked "versand: weltweit" unless you have previously contacted the seller and they approved and are willing to ship to the USA and you know what the shipping will cost.

    3- If the seller is not familiar with shipping to the US, there might be unexpected shipping charges. My advice is to accept them without complaint.

    4- We Americans tend to be spoiled with really fast shipping times. 4-6 weeks is what you should expect even though you might be used to 4-6 DAYS.

    Auf Wiedersehen!
  3. turbofiat124

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    Anybody ever had any luck sourcing parts from other countries that these cars were sold in? Such as Hungary? There seems to be more of a cult following for Trabants in Hungary than in Germany for some reason.

    Just wondered if shipping might be cheaper. I bought a mechancal fan blade from a guy in Hungary and seems like the shipping was only $10. Not much more than what it would have cost to ship it inside the US. This was back in 2006 so it's been a while. I just remembered shipping did not seem that expensive for where it came from.

    I don't want to offend anyone from Canada but I try to avoid buying stuff from Canada because they always charge import duties. Even Ebay auctions. I bought a Ushanka from an army surplus store in Quebec which is only about 1000 miles from here. The hat was $15, shipping was $20 and it took three weeks to get here! Of course nobody sells Ushankas around here so I had to order one from a colder climate. I guess because they are not big sellers because of our mild winters. But when the temperature drops into the teens people start to admire my hat!

    My wife collects those reborn dolls. She finds one also in Quebec on Ebay she wanted for Christmas. I had to pay about $50 on just import duties!

    I looked my invoice over from LDM and could not find any import duties charged to me on the invoice.

    So if you buy something from Canada you have to pay import duties but not from the UK , Germany or even Slovenia? Is that correct? Or are import duties figured in with the shipping? And Canada just separates the import duties from the shipping?

    What's up with that?
  4. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I have been talking and working with the Romanian Trabant Club/Forum and some members have been very nice with offering to help get and send parts. They have recommended against a lot of Hungarian parts saying that they aren't as well made, specifically engine parts. Hope that helps.

    A good way to find some harder to find things at a decent price is to join these forums out of Germany and Romania and other places and see what they have for sale. Most of people are very helpful and find it very interesting that Trabi's have made their way over here.
  5. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I had some good luck with a German buyer I met on Ebay. I bought some hubcaps and some tail lights from him and he asked me if I was interested in buying some other spare parts he had since he no longer had a 601. So I got a 6V starter, 6V generator and regulator and some other pieces. Shipping was outrageous as usual. You can just about bet if there is any weight to it at all it's going to cost $100. But that's just part of owning a unique car.

    So far I have found some items that can be used from another car. Like the 6V flasher unit was intended for a 50 Chevrolet. I found some matching headlamp and wiper switches from a company here in the US. The wiper switch can be pushed in to activate an electric washer pump. It does not have the delay action. I still have not determined why I have one fast speed and three delays even after replacing the switch. It must be related to the motor itself. I have been meaning to do some troubleshooting with my test light to see the switch could be wired up incorrectly. I can't imagine two wiper switches doing the exact same thing.

    Here are the switches:


  6. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    You could get a new motor too, they are pretty cheap from any of the vendors. I am going to probably try to start getting parts from our new Romanian friends. They are very nice. parts are reasonable and the members on this site are willing to ship here and help find things. I would rather give them the business and save some money when I can.

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