1. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    I bought my 601, with the engine and gearbox out and the labels on the wiring looms had all faded, as had been in storage for 10 years!!...Not surprising, really.
    Have sorted out all wiring front to back, EXCEPT FOR THE EBZA AND COIL WIRING!!

    If poss., could someone check under their bonnet/hood ...and let me know what colour wire goes to where on the coils, from the ebza "black box?
    Also, I need to confirm which wires go to which of the 3 x circuit board spade connectors, inside the Electronic, ROUND ign. box., on the "fan end" of the engine?

    I obviously don't want to make any mistakes in wiring the whole ignition up safely and neatly,...so ANY help would be very much appreciated.
    Diagrams and / or photos, would be invaluable!!.....

  2. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    Keri has put some wiring diagrams on here earlier these may help I can look which way round the pickup wires go tomorrow after work
  3. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Thanks Kev....Much obliged...and to Keri.
  4. Keri

    Keri Leader


    Here's the famous EBZA schematic, or Schaltplan...

    Brown single wire, is Earth / Ground B- or circuit 31 im Deutschen Sprechen

    3 bundled wires to coils -
    Black- Ignition 12v+, from terminal 15 of one or the other coil
    Green - Cylinder #1 coil Negative, Terminal #1 (Cylinder #1 is flywheel side)
    Grey - Cylinder #2 coil Negative, Terminal 1 (Fan side)

    3 bundled wires to Hall-Effect sensor inside of distributor

    Black - 12v+ to terminal 15
    Green - signal to terminal 7
    Brown - Ground / Earth to terminal 31

  5. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Thanks very much Keri...Just what I needed,..concise info!

    Only one query:-
    Is the circular drawing on the r.h. side of the diagram, (at bottom) ANOTHER load of connections in addition to the visible solid state plate/3 terminals?,.... (perhaps this is BEHIND the 3-terminal plate)??......
    Alternatively, is IT the "conventional POINTS - Back plate" layout??
    (Slightly confused, but off to work in the dark in a minute,...so no chance to look at engine in garage, until this evening!).
    Grateful, for your guidance and help.
  6. Keri

    Keri Leader

    The dashed - line components represent the conventional points or breakers. Feel free to ignore them if your car * has EBZA....

    * I say " your car" when you are actually it's Human....
  7. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Thought that there must be a reason for it looking like a "points assy."!!!!

    Makes perfect sense, now.

    Thank you.
  8. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Right....Mine always HAS to be different!!!!!!!

    Just been checking out wiring and noticed that the Black r.h. wing-mounted ign. box(B) has two black thick leads coming from it and 1 x brown wire, with a ring on it's end.
    The brown wire is the earth conn. to coil mounting clamp...so, IS correct.
    One of the two thick black cables has never been utilised (coiled up!) and contains 3 x wires....a black, a green and a brown, which ties in with the El. Ign. inside the distributor box, as per your diagram! NEVER USED ....So, can only assume that MY car was NOT utilising the electronic ignition wiring and "mode" IN IT'S PREVIOUS LIFE?!

    Therefore,...would I be correct in interpreting that my car probably had points ignition, as the OTHER black, thick lead coming from my ebza black box, had 1 x black, 1 x green and 1 x white in it, with ring connectors on their ends??....

    Perplexing....as WHY would the points system utilise the Black ebza ign. box, in the circuit, IF that WAS the case, previously?!

    Can you tell me what (H) is?

    Lastly, the white, blue and black (multicoloured cable, leading from term. 15 on the rear of the ign. switch, to coil D terminal 15 (+) is black instead.....
    This has almost certainly been replaced by the previous owner, or a garage, I would assume...as it has continuity from one end to the other, having checked it with a tester unit!....No real problem, as long as I update my copy of the wiring diagram, accordingly!

    Never had either of my previous 2 x Trabants with "points", so please excuse me, IF I am incorrect in my assumptions, or interpretation of the wiring and black box, etc!!

    Grateful, for any confirmation, or help with my musings........Don't want to blow any ign. units, or other parts by incorrectly wiring-up, obviously.

    Regards, Ian.
  9. draku

    draku Newbie

    here you have a part of wiring diagram
    as you can see, the wire connected to "H" (above diagram, red arrow on this) is connected to +12v on contact key
    the wire is marked "sw" that mean schwarz (in german)=black

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  10. Keri

    Keri Leader

    If your car originally came with 12v electrics, it most likely came with an EBZA, not points. It is possible to switch from one to the other, by replacing parts inside of the distributor.
    The distributor outer housing is interchangeable, but the internals are different.
    Points had a points cam and a backing plate with points and condensers on, while EBZA has a backing plate with sensor and reluctor attached, and a driving plate or "towing arm" hidden behind.

    That schematic is more of a general guide.... Wire colors are not always an exact match on vintage European cars!

    I think my car also has a black wire from the ignition switch. As most of the circuit 15 wires are black, or schwartz , this isn't a big deal.

    The brown wire is usually attached to the coil hold-down bolt.
    Don't crush the coils by over-tightening this bolt!

    The cable with black, green and white wires hook up to the coils, as above. Black= 12v+, Green = Cylinder 1 coil negative, Grey, or in your case White would be for Cylinder 2 coil negative. The ring connectors attach to the coil terminals.

    No idea what "H" is. Apparently something that operated with the ignition circuit, possibly the "Hycomat" automatic clutch. Like the section for breakers, it's not relevant to your car so just ignore it.
  11. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Many thanks for your help...although it's weird, that each black box that I have ever seen to do with the Ebza HAS two thick black multi-cored sets of wires coming out of it,...with one apparently "redundant"?...And in my case the correctly coloured bunch were NOT used previously??!!

  12. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Can you remove the EBZA cover by sliding it up and take a picture of where the wires go on the circuit board?
  13. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade


    Thanks for that...tried sending a pic, to go on thread,...but, won't take the file size, as too big, it seems.

    Perhaps try again during the coming week??!!.................
  14. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    You need to reduce the picture size try 50% it should upload then

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