1. Zausel

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    I decided to screw up my timing yesterday with a timing light. I misread and thought the marks on the crank pulley needed to be inline with the seam on the crank case. Now it won't start and I get lots of pops and hissing. The plugs are greasy. It ran fine yesterday until I got involved...

    Here's what I am doing.

    Electric on

    1st cylinder set with depth gauge to 4mm BTDC. (Engine rotated clockwise at the fan until TDC is reached, then reversed 4mm. Maybe I need to take it back further and then forward to 4mm BTDC and I am introducing backlash?)

    Test light attached between both terminals on 1 cylinder's ignition coil. Test light is on.

    Pick up base plate adjusted until light turns off. (Note, at this point, my fuel solenoid which is wired to positive post of ignition coil and the grounding bolt of the ignition coil mounting bracket, clicks.)

    Procedure is repeated for the 2nd cylinder but set to 3mm BTDC.

    I found on pappenforum.de a post where it was instructed to set the testlight up to the ignition coils terminals and adjust plate until light goes out.

    Due to the two stroke cycle, for one complete revolution the light is on and for the next it is off.

    Perhaps I'm doing it backwards?

    When I put the test lamp between terminal 1 and ground of ignition coil, light stays on for multiple revolutions.

  2. Zausel

    Zausel Genosse Forum Donor

    It was wet plugs. I put clean ones in and it fires up fine.

    So now, do the timing marks line up with the crankcase seam or the 3° and 4° up from the seam?
  3. Keri

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    Originally, they lined up with the seam. The marks "should" be placed at the correct firing position.
    It is best to check actual position with a dial indicator... on an EBZA car, piston position should be 3mm BTDC, or 21º BTDC at the crank, which "should" be where the mark is.

    This is already detailed in many threads... Why bring it up again?

    Here's one that search brought up...

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  4. Zausel

    Zausel Genosse Forum Donor

    Thanks for answering Keri, I always appreciate your deep knowledge of automotive fundamentals!

    Before I looked at it with the timing light, the marks were definitely a few degrees above the seam. Then I used the timing light and adjusted both the marks to be inline with the seam and it ran poorly.

    Then I used a depth gauge and set 1 to 4mm and 2 to 3mm. I see now it should be 3mm each side. I will adjust it tomorrow.

    I know it's still wonky because my carb is now relatively out of tune with the engine and gets sluggish unless I ride the clutch. Now this makes sense!

    You know I read close to 20 different posts on German forums and five or six posts here on this site and missed the above link.

    Thanks again, Keri.

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