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    Years ago I had a SuperTrapp on a 1986 Honda Prelude. It sounded pretty cool. Not too loud.

    I really need to replace the exhaust system on my Trabant. It's loud as hell. I think the baffles are rotted out in the rear muffler. I ordered one of those sport heat exchangers during a previous order but didn't order a rear muffler. Thinking I could find something over here and have a custom exhaust system fabricated for less than what it would cost in shipping.

    I had a custom exhaust system built for my Citroen 2CV by a local muffler shop for around $100 which always does good work.

    I'm thinking about installing one of these on my Trabant. These are made by EMPI and are allot cheaper than the Supertrapp mufflers. This one even has a mount welded to it for a hanger. It's intended for an air cooled VW.


    My concern would be the oil in the exhaust plugging up the slots between the discs. The discs are supposed to allow you to "tune" the exhaust system for different power bands. I never ran the discs on my Prelude. Just the fiberglass packed baffle.

    I always thought the discs was a load of garbage. It may change the frequency of the exhaust note but seriously doubt it would do anything otherwise. I may have to look up some YouTube videos on this to see if anyone has ever dynoed a car after adding or removing discs.

    I installed a 2.25" exhaust system on my Yugo 1500 turbo so the exhaust size on that car is probably double what a 115 HP 1500 engine should have on it. I think the exhaust on my 150 hp Subaru 2.5 liter is smaller. The exhaust system on my V8 Chevy van is 3".

    Now the turbo has went from producing a maximum of 5 to 6 lbs in 4th gear to 7 lbs (full boost) in 2nd gear. So I'm not sure I buy into the logic that creating back pressure creates power. In my experience it restricts power.


    Any idea if these could be used on a 2 stroke engine? Even if the slots between the discs did plug, I wonder if the fiberglass packing would soak up the oil since Trabants tend to puke allot of oil out the exhaust.

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