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    My first engine died in my Barkas due to user error. I didn't put enugh oil in it and the crank sized. I've imported a rebuilt crank, new pistons, and other parts. I've put it together. The engine worked flawlessly for a year or so. I even moved with the Barkas. Up until one day drivin home from work one of the pistons separated at the wirst pin. This caused the whole crank case to deform and open up. Plus one large pace broke off the block where it sucks the air in. So the only salvageble part left is the head....

    On the 16-th I'm headin to Hungary to buy an other block and rebuild that one. I also had my other parts Barkas's engine pulled. That will be rebuilt as well. The problem is to find rebuildable crank shafts without insert rings around the roller bearings. I have some local comrads who willing to help finding whatever I need. The crank rebuilding master will come out of retirement to do my two cranks and drill the blocks. But I have to come up with two rebuildable cranks for him...

    I'll put one complete engine back into the parts Barkas (the whole thing will be shiped home at a lather date) and will bring home the one without the head in my bags. The weight limit is 70lbs per bag (for me as an employee of the airline) so if I bring the empty block in one and the crank, pistons and lower crank case in the other, I'll max out both bags...

    After this repair the Barkas will retire and only gonna use it on rare occasions.
  2. mbeamish

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    Got me worried i got my engine rebuilt with a genuine new DDR crank but could only get reproduction pistons
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    I can't remember if I mentioned this concerning crankshafts or it was in another post but is there anyway a Speedi-Sleeve would restore a worn crankshaft? Isn't the crankshaft in two halves and pressed together? So once it's separated, this could slide over the area the wrist pin bearings go.

  4. Bountyflyer

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    That sleeve is the devil itself. This is why most of the cranks avaliable to buy from specialty stores are useless.

    The aftermarket pistons are ok as lon as they have the alu insert around the wirst pin. Mahle makes some good pistons.
  5. phi

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    I don't know how Hungarian mechanicians rebuild a crankshaft. But lot of people in Germany complain about bad Hungarian quality...

    Mine is from Germany. Just send one old one to the dealer and get one with new bearings. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Kurbelwelle-...083302690?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item4d161a4722

    A friend of mine organized my cylinders to be grinded and honed near Zwickau. The company there still have NOS pistons.
  6. Bountyflyer

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    WOHA! Thats expensive! My two crank rebuild will cost less then €180!!! It's not just a bearing change. The connecting rods have to be resurfaced as well. Thats the hard part. Putting new bearings on is easy....

    There is only one oldtimer who really knows how to properly overhaul a crank shaft in Hungary. He is retired now and told us not to bather him with this no more. He said there are no more rebuildable cores out there, only junk. My friend was able to convince him to come out of retirement just for one more time and do two more Barkas cranks for me. But I have to provide good cores. So I'll have to find a good engine for rebuilding and I hope the one I had in my parts Barkas in Hungary will work... I have a feeling that there were more East German cars in Hungary then in East Germany.... The after market parts business for these cars are just as old as the cars themselfs. Not all Hungarian parts are bad. Finding NOS pistons are deffenetly a good thing! My friends are hard core Wartburg guys, they'll know where to find the correct parts. When I did my last engine I didn't ask them about the pistons.... I won't make this mistake again...

    Few more weeks and it's Barkas engine hunting time!
  7. phi

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    You have to deduct 60 EUR deposit. This is refunded on the return of an old crankshaft.

    You can pay up to 500 EUR or more for a German rebuilt crankshaft...

    My complete engine rebuilt was about 900 EUR (incl. old spare engine, head surface grinding and complete overhaul, sealings a.s.o.). I hope it will last for at least 15 years. That means 60 EUR per year which is affordable in my eyes.

    It surely isn't either just a bearing change in Germany. I haven't got the correct terms in English to describe the work.

    I know. But you have to know exactly where to buy. And if you don't speak the Hungarian language and aren't often in Hungary, it makes it really hard to get warranty.

    I heard that lot of parts had been sold to Hungary because no one was interested in it in the 1990ies in Germany. There are some Hungarian part dealers on German car shows who sell a lot of GDR NOS! But they know the prices and it's not as cheap as in Hungary itself.
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  8. mbeamish

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    Do you know of Olbrecht in Belgium? I got my new (old stock) crank from him a few years ago for i think 300 euros. I have his address if you want . Trouble is he doesn,t speak english , is not on internet and doesn't take paypal . Minor problems though, i write in german and have a bank account that does free transfers (can be a slow process) .
  9. Bountyflyer

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    €300 is a lot of money for a new crank but I guess time is running and they don't make them anymore. Pls send me his address, I'll send him a letter in German. Once I go to Europe again, I'll rent a car and go visit him. Are you sure that it was a NOS and not a rebuilt crank? If it's really a NOS, it's a great find!
  10. Bountyflyer

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    Well, leaving tomorrow, wish me good luck!
  11. Phil Tracy

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  12. mbeamish

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    Have sent you a PM with Olbrechts address, he is a pain to buy from compared to LDM etc but does have some good /cheap /genuine parts
  13. Bountyflyer

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    I've made it back. I Was able to buy 3 engines and many other Barkas parts. On my first day I've meg with my friend who is an ex MIG-21 pilot. He had this beautiful new airplane made out of fiber glass.

    image.jpg image.jpg
  14. Bountyflyer

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    image.jpg I've found this in his basement:
  15. Bountyflyer

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    Near his hangar was a bunch of old bunkers where the MiG 21s were kept.

  16. Bountyflyer

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    My old friend traded three bottles of moonshine for a Wartburg tourist. The car came with a broken engine what the last owner's soninlaw boiled and consequently froze. It was so rotten that I had to use a large hammer to hit out the stuck pistons. It only took 3 hours. I consequently brought home the empty engine block in my suitcase. Now it's in the shop getting bored out for a new original piston!

  17. Bountyflyer

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    You can see the hammer on the right. Everything was frozen!

  18. Bountyflyer

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    Thats what you get for three bottles of shine in Hungary. Now it has a new engine. It sports a two barrel carb and a front radiator. Got clean title. I probably could have bought it for $200...

  19. Bountyflyer

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    Now with a block secured I had to find a rebuildable crank shaft. I replyed to an internet ad, and after 2 hrs of driving I found an old Barkas engine. Apperently it was pulled when it was 3 years old. The donor Barkas crashed but they kept the engine and trans as a spare. I bought both for $105! The water jackets looked new after I took the head off. It's never been rebuilt. It would have been a bad idea to try to rebuild this one but for $105 I throe it into my systers new Audi's trunk and drove off to the sunset! You can see where the engine waited for me for the last 18 years. The guy I bought it from had three Barkases what he used to carry fire wood! Can you imagen?! The Barkases are long gone but he still had this spare engine and trans. I've put them away in my parts Barkas in Hungary. I'll try to bring them home at a later date.

  20. Bountyflyer

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    On the way there I've seen this:


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