1. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    In the restoration process of my car I am going to repaint the engine shrouding sheet-metal, benzene tank and various other metal parts under the hood to approach stock look as much as possible. This raises a couple of questions.

    1. My car is a 1975. Was stock paint for tank, engine shroud, etc. a satin or gloss? I've seen both in pictures that I've found online but can't tell which were stock or restored. From what I can tell mine was a satin/flat. I'm trying to match original as close as possible just for nostalgic reasons.
    2. I've found a nice rattle-can epoxy spray paint (corrosion, salt resistant mainly for shocks, undercarriage, etc. according to the label) that lays down really nice and is available in both a high gloss and satin(hence my #1 question). It says its max temperature is 250f. Would temps on the engine shrouding of a Trabi ever reach those temps? I will throw a sample piece into the oven that I use for powder-coating to test.

    Appreciate any input.
  2. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    When I painted mine I used satin as gloss would look to bling on a poor socialist car
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  3. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Near as I can tell, the paint is usually a dull black, but not a flat black.
    I did see one very old and unusual shroud painted white... on red primer, or maybe the original paint was red?
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  4. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    I should have thought that! That makes total sense and for my bourgeois thinking I feel ashamed and shall seek out a local SED boss for counsel. I hope that they let me keep my Trabi!

    "Die Partei hat immer rech!" :)

    Satin or flat black is what it shall be!
  5. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    In every film I have ever seen of Trabant production, the engines look shiny black.
  6. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

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