1. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    Hi guys, I haven't posted on here for a while. Been busy with car shows in the UK, taking my new classic, a lovely Wartburg 353 2 stroke saloon, 1972, to local events.
    Tomorrow, we head off down country with the Trabi to start this Tuesday to drive the Bryson Line.
    Bill Bryson is an American author living in the UK, his adopted home. He has written a few books about travel in Britain and in them has invented the Bryson Line, a theoretical straight line on the map of mainland UK between the two furthest possible points. This being Bognor Regis on the south coast, to Cape Wrath, the north westerly point of Scotland.
    Some of you will remember my charity fund raising Trabi trip a few years ago from John O Groats to Lands End. Well this is kind of similar but just for fun along with some 5 other Trabants/IFA vehicles who are also doing the same trip.
    We are doing the south to north Bryson Line over 4 days and the route is as follows.
    Tuesday 17th Bognor Regis to Burton-on Trent
    Wednesday 18th Burton-on Trent to Carlisle
    Thursday 19th Carlisle to Perth
    Friday 20th Perth to Cape Wrath area
    On the Saturday if we can arrange local transport, we will actually travel to the very tip of Cape Wrath where there is a lighthouse and cafe. The last 11 miles you have to walk or go by ferry and Land Rover and they run only if the weather is good, so the Trabis will have to rest by the ferry terminal.
    Anyone else with a Trabant or IFA vehicle can come and join in the fun just for a day or part of the day. We will try and go in convoy and use A and B roads keeping off motorways and dual carriageways as much as possible. Expect updates and pictures of the trip which will total out and return some 1200 miles!
  2. Buckeye601

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    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your adventures.

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