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    May make you smile but very good info re detonation pining always have believed that too much oil will lower octane rating
    Tips to a long term of your Trabant two stroke engine

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    The following tips are related to the original two-stroke Trabant engine with 26 PS of the latter years of construction.

    In addition, it is my own intense driving experience of approximately 9 years and an estimated 200,000 kilometers with about 10 different engines, which is why the advice is not to be considered as "absolute". Und: Ausnahmen bestätigen die Regel! And: Exceptions prove the rule!

    1. Of course, all the usual things, such as regular maintenance and replacement of the air filter, check the candle distance (0.6 mm) and the control of the belt should not be neglected.
    2. We recommend the use of contactless electronic ignition, as this always the same ignition timing is guaranteed. I made the best experience with an ignition point of 3.0 mm before TDC (top dead center).
    3. .The more the better is the general opinion that I keep getting to hear ...
      This is not so!
      From the factory, it was found that the oil increases the tendency of the engine bell and were successfully experiments with oil from the imperialist countries with a mixture of 1: down 100. Because the East German oil quality, however, such mixtures not made possible, they have been given as 1:50 or 1:33.
      I recommend a mixture of 1:70 and go with branded oil, which I refer liter barrel when lubricant and fuel oil dealer around the corner for less than 50 euros in 20.
      The oil quality is decisive for the durability, which is why I advise against oil of unknown origin.
      Definitely more oil than 1:50 is too much.
    Too much oil increases the ringing pitch and the resulting oil coal interfere in the combustion chamber and in the exhaust system and lets the piston rings are firmly, which ultimately leads to the destruction of the piston / cylinder.
    By the way costs more oil even more.

    1. I drive premium fuel. It costs only once more, but I am convinced that I saving on the cost of the longer term, a little less consumption and also due to the lower proportion of oil again. Der Sinn ist au The purpose is again to reduce the ringing tendency, because the ringing is the dead of each motor.
    2. From 1986, the so-called saving gasifier (28 HB 1-1) was the Trabant built, which was designed to reduce fuel consumption and thus sustainably relieve the public purse of the GDR because of the fuel and the crude oil was expensive purchased from the USSR.
      The shorter term associated motor was factored and is particularly noticeable over long distances, which were at that time not yet demanded by the Trabi to the extent that noticeable.
      I recommend anyone who occasionally moves his pride and joy out of the city traffic, to drive not the saving gasifier, but any one older type.
      The problem on saving carburetor is that it extremely gasoline-air mixture leaner over longer distances and I have managed fuel consumption of plenty of 3 liters per 100 kilometers. This low consumption causes but that the engine is cooled worse and greatly increases the ringing tendency. A Even an older type of carburetor emaciates on the highway up to 5l / 100km, so therefore the fuel savings of the carburetor saving cost and complexity of the engine change does not justify.
    3. And last but not least, the driving style has a corresponding effect on the mileage.
    4. I drive very high speed (my girlfriend says I race and that's a good thing. Some of you might be wondering what is already indicated in the instruction manual for speeds, but it is a lot of turn too early, because the enormous engine noise causes them. So give proper gas and the engine will thank you, and the fun will not miss out.
    Fazit: Conclusion:
    Mit diesen Einstellungen ziehe ich selbst 1500 Kilo mit meinen 26 PS in allen Drehzahlen absolut klingelfrei!!! With these settings, I prefer self-1500 kilos with my 26 hp in all speeds absolutely free bell !!! Und habe auch seitdem den Motor nicht mehr wechseln müssen.... And have also since the engine no longer have to change ....

    Für Anregungen bin ich immer sehr dankbar und sollten Fragen offen geblieben sein, so schreibt an Little For suggestions, I'm always very thankful and should questions be left open, so writes to Little

    Mit freundlichen Zweitaktgrüßen Yours sincerely, two-stroke

    Ralf Langer Ralf Langer
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    Once again, I've heard 40:1 mixture is ideal for these engines. I have ran Opti-2 which I think is a 30 weight oil and is mixed at a 100:1 in ten tank fulls with no ill effects. And I have ran a 50:1 in the past but for awhile I've been running Lucas 20 weight at a 40:1 mixture.

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