1. kingrat

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    Greetings from Warwickshire! My missus only went and did it, she brought a papyrus white 1988 601S.
    The bodywork is actually really good. We're it's 3rd owner from new and it came with a small surprise tucked in the door pocket. Receipts for everything it's ever needed or had! So, it's clean externally, the metal work is sound and the engine ........ well I fired it up last weekend, funny how you just hear something and say to yourself "I know what that is".
    Piston slap - much piston slap. So Margot (named after Erich Honikers wife) needs a new engine - or rather needed, that's another story.

    I'm diarising her story on Facebook so if you're interested just search for @Thetrabant
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  2. Tim S

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    Awesome! Welcome aboard!

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