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    Stopped by German motors today to show Rudy my Trabbi. I learned something today about Rudy I did not know. He is an Ossie. He was born in the DDR, moved to West Germany as a teenager with his family and then moved to Tennessee in his early 20s working as VW mechanic.

    He is very opinionated but had nothing bad to say about Trabants! I was blown away. He said they were very good cars and easy to work on. I don't think he has actually ever worked on a Trabant but said the mechanical bits were copied off a DKW which had plenty of experience working on.

    I also got to here some of his rants about how the Soviets hauled off all the good machinery and basically raped East Germany.

    He said I should be proud of my little Trabbi. That it is a piece of history and people should preserve these cars.

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    Great story!
  3. Justin

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    Agreed! Glad you got to finally show him and what he said was true, the Soviets DID in fact take all the machinery in East Germany after the war and hauled it back to the USSR, but in the Soviet's defense, Germany is the one who caused trouble in the first place which lead to the war which lead to the division of Germany and the Cold War.

    I don't feel bad for the Germans in that respect. With that said, had that not happened, we wouldn't have our Trabi's!

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