1. JAK

    JAK Newbie

    Hello. I'm going to post a 601 Kombi for sale soon but am looking for information on posting photo's and video's of it on the forums. I can't seem to find info on if I need to host them or if they can be uploaded here. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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  2. Skye

    Skye Newbie Staff Member Administrator

    If you click "upload a file" below the posting area you'll see:

    Accepted file types:
    zip, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif

    So you can attach images, but videos need to be hosted elsewhere.
  3. JAK

    JAK Newbie

    Perfect, thank you for the information.
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  4. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    I have a devil of a time putting pics up here. Even cell phone pics get rejected as too large even when reduced in size and pixels.
  5. JAK

    JAK Newbie

    For correct size photo's, I use a free program called Irfanview. Load up a photo, any size, any format and click file, save as. A box opens with several options and I choose the file type to save the photo as and check a box that lets me set how large to save the file. Check the box and type in 512 kb and you're done. It's also useful for cropping out stuff you don't want to show.
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  6. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

    Hello JAK,
    Good luck with your sale. Let me know what you have and want.

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