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    So I got to go on test drive today. 32F/0C. Air velocity from the heater is not much better even after I replaced the short hose but it was a sunny day so I stayed comfortable. The engine ran fine, still idles lower than what it had been AND without stalling so I am pleased about that.

    My main concern is my freewheel device. It won't engage at times. It's like there is no 4th gear there when I let out on the clutch.

    In order to get it to "catch", while in fourth, I need to push in the clutch and let the RPMs fall down then let out on the clutch and then it catches. If I coast for awhile, it does the same thing again! But once it is engaged and I keep accelerating, it doesn't slip or anything.

    This same thing occured back in August. At the time I was running 30 weight engine oil. Keri said she ran Detron II ATF in heres and after 20K miles has not shown any ill effects. So I tried it. It instantly fixed the problem. So I figured the thicker transmission oil was causing it to stick. But now the problem is back. It could be the colder temperatures but since this happned back in August, I'm not quite sure if the gearbox fluid has anything to do with it.

    The only thing in common is when this first occured back in August, the car had not been driven for awhile. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks due to "needing repair" due to something.

    So I had issues with my brakes about 6 weeks ago. Then my float valve trouble then ignition issues so the car has not been driven regularly for over a month.

    Any correlation to sticking freewheel device and not being driven regularly?

    When this occured back in August, even after driving 10 miles it would still slip at times. Only after I replaced the gearbox oil with Dextron III did it fix the problem.

    Could there be gunk building up on it from sitting? Where is it located in the transmission? Is it submerged in oil or above the oil line? What could be causing this? Not enough lubrication from sitting because it's above the oil line or gunk building up on it from sitting in oil for an extended period of time? Is it about to "go" and I need to tear into the transmission and replace it? Do you have to tear the whole transmission apart to replace it?

    I need to go to a meeting tommorrow morning at work (supposed to be below freezing tommorrow morning) so I may drive it, if I dare and see what happens.
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    How I wish to understand German.... :(
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    I seem to think it's sludge building up in the gearbox from sitting. If the amount of dried grease on the outside of the gearbox (1/2 inch 13mm) is any indication of how much sludge is inside!

    When I drained the 30 weight oil out I had been running for 6 months it looked like tar. Maybe it's time for another gearbox flush. This time I am thinking about running some kerosene through it before replacing the fluid.

    I know the other day the more I drove the less the freewheel device wouldn't engage. The freezing temperature may have had something to do with it.
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    The problem with a "gearbox flush" is that there always resists some little flush fluid (Diesel, kerosene or whatever) in the differential and dilutes the oil you fill in.

    Drive some kilometers (at least 20 to 30) before draining the old oil so that it's warm and low viscous.
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    I drove the car the following day which was slightly warmer mid 40s and it wouldn't enagage at first but evenually engages fine after a few miles of driving. I think the cold weather has something to do with it. The Dextron III ATF I've been using probably has detergents in it and could be breaking up the sludge in the gearbox. So maybe I just need to get the gearbox warmed up, drain it and replace the fluid every few months when this occurs and the detergents in the ATF will eventually clean it out on it's own without using any other type of fluid like kerosene or diesel fuel.

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