1. Gavin Johns

    Gavin Johns Puttering Along

    hi , where in Australia can I get a front drum puller ? I’ve a front wheel cyl leak and need to investigate
    Thanks Gavin
  2. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    there is another aussie owner andrew on here who might be able to loan you onr
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    Hi Gavin, I was wondering where your little trabi would end up. Good to hear its found a nice new home. What year is your trabi? because not all years need a puller.

    Unfortunately I am now living in NZ and I sold my Trabbi a few weeks ago... including all my spares and tools...
    Dave or Rodney in Sydney would probably be your best bet regarding a puller.. @dave is on here, but I don't think rodney is... though rodney is probably the more likely one to have a puller... (he has 6? Trabi in Sydney)

    I got my puller from ebay.de along with a bunch of other parts with listings that didn't mention countries outside of europe, just message the seller and ask them if they will send it to AUS/NZ, most of the time they said yes... it's not always the cheapest postage, but sometimes those are the breaks with getting Trabi parts to this end of the world. The other option is to use a mail forwarder like https://www.mailboxde.com/ I've used them before and it worked great when sellers won't ship internationally.


  4. Gavin Johns

    Gavin Johns Puttering Along

    Hi Andrew , so your aware of Grants Trabbi ? I worked for Grant for 40 yrs until his death and the company finally being wound down . The little Trabbi was given to several organisations / people who kept giving it back ! I always liked it for its quirky ness and individuality so was eventually its custodian . It’s tidyish with a long list of issues . Each time I drive it a new failure crops up , today was brake failure . Like working for Grant , each days different lol .
    Thanks Gavin
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    I had heard of Grant and his Trabi through @DaveinOz who had meet him at a car show in SA. I brought Dave's Trabi last year (The light blue one in my profile pic) and drove it back to Sydney, unfortunately the rot was really bad and there wasn't anything I could do to save it that was cost effective, so I ended up stripping it for parts for my other Trabi. But I also had one of Grants Daughters message me on Facebook regarding selling the car, but they weren't ready to sell it at that time, and I never heard anything back.

    Other than the brakes, what else needs to be done on the car?
  6. Gavin Johns

    Gavin Johns Puttering Along

    Hi , well in the course of events I’m custodian for the forseable future , along with a pop top caravan . The brakes basically have leaking wheel cyl s from standing , hence my need for a puller to get it safe again . It’s been road worthy and passed and is currently still registered . Left upper pivot seems to have some wear , RH hub bearings beginning to sound noisy , jumps out of reverse now and then , but that’s it . I’ve had it on a hoist and it seems solid , it’s done 41100 km . Does it have value ? Well to me it’s a memory of just how Grant was as a boss so it’s sentimental . Monetary value I’ve no idea . I do enjoy driving the thing , it’s a hoot ! The big question is can you Sydney guys help me with a puller ? I’m quite happy to give you my phone number or e mail if you want to discuss all things trabbi
    Thanks Gavin
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    I would still recommend getting one for Ebay.de since they are kinda important to have with the car, so no matter what happens you or the next person will have the ability to remove the hubs and get to the important components behind the hub etc... Otherwise message @dave and ask him, and I'll poke rodney and see if he can.. (If you can PM me your number I'll forward it on to him and I'll leave it up to him to get in touch)

    bearings are pretty easy to change, all the usual haunts have them e.g. trabantwelt, autodanzer, project 601 etc... and they all ship to Australia, even if some of them don't have the ability to select australia in the checkout, you can email and they will happily send them out.. if you use google chrome it does a fairly good job at translating german in to english.

    The pivots have kits you can get, just pull the old bushings out, ream and put the new bushings in.

    I am gonna have a guess and say it might have gone around the dial once, and might be closer to 140,000km, and probably got a refresh at some point in its life, given the newer style bumpers... it should have rounded bumpers like this:

    gearbox wise, when you say it pops out of reverse, as in the gear stick is all the way in and all the way down to the right (it should rotate a lot further down than the normal forward gears) does the leaver pop out or is it same position and it just won't engage? Either way best to start with fresh gearbox oil, its hydraulic fluid ISO-68 if I remember correctly, you can get it from supercheap or repco etc, I think nulon make it. If that doesn't solve it, its very easy to remove engine/gearbox and then crack the gearbox open and check for any bits etc.

    if you want to know value wise, feel free to PM me and I can let you know value range from what I sold my car and parts for... the camper sounds amazing and would love to see some more pics of both the car and camper.. you can add details/photos of your car here: http://www.trabantforums.com/garage/ click on the "create item" button (just below and left from the search box, it blends in quite well)
  8. Gavin Johns

    Gavin Johns Puttering Along

    Hi , thanks for your advice , now how do I PM ?
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    For you reference, If you click on my name, under my profile picture, it will bring up an overlay where you can select "Start A Conversation"
  10. Andrewwoey

    Andrewwoey Loyal Comrade

    For bearings and seals, just get them from a bearing supplier. You will save a lot of money on the item and a lot more on postage from Germany.
    I just done bearings and seals on the front of my car. Bearing numbers and seal sizes are in the parts manual.

  11. Gavin Johns

    Gavin Johns Puttering Along

    Thanks Andy , I was hopeful that every thing was standard metric . I’ve been dealing with Chinese vehicles for 10 yrs and found very early on that nothing matches anything in the west .
  12. Gavin Johns

    Gavin Johns Puttering Along

    Hi all , well after battling google translator on German E Bay , I have received a hub puller . Doesn’t it work a treat ! I’ve dismantled the brakes , honed the cyl s , replaced the cups with locally sourced units and cleaned every thing else . So the brakes are sorted ..... now at some stage I’ll do the front hub bearings . What horrors await me there ? Any advice is welcome

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