1. Penfold

    Penfold Newbie

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum and Trabant ownership.

    My little Trabi has a small fuel link from the fuel sensor due to the hose fitting becoming seemingly worn and thus a poor fit. I've had a look around and cannot find a hose connector to replace the problem parts. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one or a suitable equivalent?

    In case you're wondering what it is I'm talking about, its the brass colour elements sticking out of the fuel sensor as shown in the image at LDM- http://ldm-tuning.de/en/artikel-7533.htm . It a cylinder shape sticking out, but a ridged insert into the fuel sensor as you'd normally expect with a fuel hose connector.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    I presume you mean a leak, not a link, in which case why not replace the fuel hose. Any decent car spares shop will have the right size fuel hose and cut it to length. Or you can just use a small jubilee clip or spring clip to stop the leak. You don't say what country you're in, but if you are in UK then Halfords will stock what you need. If you mean that the brass pipe is leaking where it enters the body of the sensor, then I think you need a new sensor. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Penfold

    Penfold Newbie


    Thanks for the reply and fair point, I'm in the UK.

    The hose is virtually brand new and, as you'd expect in good condition. The issue is with the connector, which is similar to

    I can pull it out of the sensor easily with no fuss by hand which is a good sign it is not an interference fit! This is causing the fuel leak (not link...).

    I've tried fitting a modern fitting like the above (6mm diameter) but it's not having it. I could try a slightly smaller size, but would rather stick with the right piece if possible. I've also looked at jubilee clips which are fine for the hose, but the fuel sensor is constructed from a firm plastic which doesn't feel like it'll take too kindly to being clamped.

  4. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    The only thing I would attempt then would be some kind of petrol proof adhesive or putty like Petropatch, first making sure the joint is clean and petrol free. If that fails, I would get a new sensor.
  5. Penfold

    Penfold Newbie

    Although I was hoping to avoid it, that was my thought too.

    LDM is the only place I've seen which sells them, but they're out of stock. Anywhere else you've seen them?

    Thanks again,
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  6. turbofiat124

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    I've seen these type of fittings before. They are a "pressed fit" fitting for lack of a better term. I thought they were unique to Italian fuel systems (Weber carbs, Malpassi fuel pressure regulators, etc.).

    They tend to pop out unexpectedly and leak fuel (all over your engine).

    I use Lock-Tite Red on all of my threaded fuel fittings. The initial application maybe for preventing fasteners from working loose but it also works as a thread sealer.

    Even if it's not threaded, I've used it on those press in type brass fittings on Weber carbs and Malpassi fuel pressure regulators.
  7. Penfold

    Penfold Newbie


    Plain shaft goes into the sensor itself so a press fitting makes sense.

    LDM have offered to repair the item at around 20 to 30 Euros depending on what they find plus postage to and from.

    By chance, someone on eBay was selling one. They couldn't guarantee it's operation, but I took a chance, bought and fitted it. Good news, it works and it solved the leak!

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