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    Hello. What is the size and thread pitch of the fuel outlet on the bottom of the gas tank? 1985 car. So far, I have discovered that it's a size that only exists in some East German engineers imagination.

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    Believe it or not an NPT pipe fitting comes close enough. I'm wanting to say 1/2" NPT but don't quote me on this. 1/2" NPT sounds like 13 mm but it's not. In reality it's larger, the inlet hole is 1/2" but the OD of the fitting is larger.

    I did away with my petcock valve and went with a solenoid valve. While I had the tank out and petcock valve off, I was going through my box of pipe fittings and found a reducer I thought might fit and it screwed onto the threads just enough. You'll need to apply plenty of LockTite thread locker on it to seal it or several layers of Telfon pipe thread tape to keep it from leaking. But otherwise it's been holding up for years.

    I've got a photo on my Photobucket page but they have either added so many pop up video ads or they are intentionally slowing their site down unless I subscribe to the point there is like a 2 minute lag between pages so I am been reluctant to pay them any money.

    I'm trying to find you a photo on my computer, Photobucket is not cooperating at the moment.
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    I gave up finding the thread size and just made a new gas tank. New tank is aluminum so no more fuel lines clogged with rust!
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