1. turbofiat124

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    Not to hijack Roberts Kubel/Tramp post but can someone tell me why these gasoline heaters were only intended to be used when the car was stationary? Were they just too dangerous to use while the car was moving?

    These were used on VWs and seems like they were meant to be used as an auxiliary heater while the car was in motion.

    I have one of these systems. It's complete but have no idea if it even works. I more less just wanted to 6V blower fan off the system. But later found out it doesn't really push that much more air than the engine fan.

    Instead of running it on gasoline, my idea was to relocate it away from the main fuel tank where it points through the cold air duct in the diverter valve and run it on a 1 lb propane cylinder. I still don't know how safe that would be.
  2. 'bant

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    IIRC someone corrected my statement about using the Scirocco heaters only when standing. They said that the heaters could be used when driving. Search on the boards.

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