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    I have always wanted a Trabi since I drove my first one in Germany in 1992. If you are willing to make it this easy to make sure all the paperwork is in order, I'd happily buy one. I've always wanted a 601. I am up in Oregon, but happy to make a trip to bring it home. The city I live in needs DEQ for 1975 and newer (so a 1974 or earlier 601 would be ideal). If not possible, I could register it in another county.

    I would love to do Go Trabi Go 3 - The drive from Texas to Portland.
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  2. Justin

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    Hi Robert! I know what car you bought and it's a great one!

    With that said. The last two Trabis sold for $4xxx? And $5500. So the price and value of them are going up. I'd keep that in mind as yore pricing it. Especially if you're doing all the title paper work and getting them US legal.
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    Tamas, FYI the name of the country you wanted to import cars from spelled Hungary...

    when you import any car into the USA you will have to deal with Federal law, not local DMV first. There are 3 Federal laws governing vehicle imports. The windshield law, bumper law, and EPA or emissions. to keep it simple, as long as your car is over 25 years old it will be exempt from all 3 laws as long as it has the original engine, and the vehicle is unmodified. I would like to see how will you explain at the local customs office in Houston on Belt way 8 at the 7th floor that you just bought 4 Trabants for your own consumption and not for resale.... By the way the cost of a container to load 3 Trabants in from Budapest will be about $5-6000 plus fees once it's here. Plus you will have to pay someone to load and sign for the shipment. the problem is that you will have to pay for transportation from Budapest to a port let's say Bramenhaven then the ocean freight, followed by local transport in Houston. I never use containers, because I believe it's a waste of time and money unless I want to bring cars AND parts or not running vehicles. Almost all trabant prices went up in the last few month in Hungary, there are no more $300 nice Trabies. You can be happy that you've found one at State side.
    If you want to know how to register an imported car after you cleared customs, go to your local friendly DMV and ask for an "import checklist".

    Happy smoking my friend
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    If you want to get technical its magyarország but you know that my phone kept auto correcting and i stopped caring. I know all of the steps it takes to get a car here i wouldn't have suggested bringing cars here with out the know how of getting them here . It helps having friends family in Hungary, Romania , Germany and Houston also to get the logistics to work it also helps to know someone who all they do is ship cars back and fourth from the U.S and europe ,and a stateside shipper that can deliver cars for me for cheap because im family . As far as the $300 car you can still find them you just need to know where to look my kombi (200 u.s.d) was bought from a older gentleman who had passed and family wanted to get rid of the car in Romania. Ive seen what the prices have been like. alot of these cars are getting harder to find and the prices have gone up i know this as well . It just happen to fall into to place that a car 40 min from my house went up for sale it made it that much easier to reach my end goal. I still plan on getting my kombi here and when i go back home and find others i want to buy them and ship them back at a later date. I have the ability to store cars till im ready to ship them it was just too good of a deal to pass up on this car with out any of the hassle that comes with the whole process i love these cars they bring back lots of child hood memories for me hence the tattoo on my arm. Id love to preserve as many as i can and pass some on to others who will have as much fun with them as i have had and am having. Just because you have had your own experiences with importing cars dont assume i don't know what im taking about. I am doing this as more of a hobbie not something to make tons of money on if that was the case id find more collectible cars that are worth more

    happy keep the "know it all" to your self my friend your not the only one who has imported a car
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