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    This has been this on going debate ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Apparently Germans *think* that Americans *think* that Germans love David Hasselhoff.

    I think most Americans don't really believe this. It's more of a joke than a belief. Americans love to ask Germans this because they know it irritates them. Whenever you ask Germans about David Hasselhoff, they tend say, "Well he had a few hits around 1989 but he never was what you would consider a superstar in Germany".

    I didn't even know he was a pop star until I saw him playing the piano at the Berlin Wall. Then later his Christmas light embedded jacket.

    I think Norm McDonald from Saturday Night Live was the one who coined the phrase in 1990. When he would give his news parity on Saturday Night Live, he would sometimes spontaneously end a story with "One thing is for certain, German's Love David Hasselhoff". That's the first time I ever heard it. So ever since then the I guess the phrase got repeated.

    Apparently not everybody in Germany is a fan of the Hoff. At 3:22 someone threw a firecracker at him!

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    Don't let them tell you differently. Germans love David Hasselhoff.

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