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    BERLIN, Germany -- I'm in the heart of Berlin, sitting behind the wheel of a small and gently throbbing 1960s vehicle once widely considered a symbol of freedom. But suddenly a voice crackles from the dashboard speaker. "I talk, you listen!" it barks. "Just like in the old communism times."

    The man at the microphone is only Jordi of Trabi Safari, the guide in the leading vehicle of a convoy of rattletrap Trabant cars. He merely wants to make sure we remember the rules of the road before we brave the boulevards of Berlin. There's no turning at a red light, and we must always give way to Berlin's plentiful bicycles. There's no smoking in the car, and the ashtray contains a phone number in case anyone gets completely lost....(Article Continued)
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    I hope someone in the forum will share their personal experience of Trabi Safari.

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