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  2. Wartburg353W

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    I just don't think ANYBODY considered it the "height of luxury." Not even the most luxurious product within East Germany. :)
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  3. Keri

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    A Trabant is so advanced, people keep comparing it to cars designed 50 or even 60 years later! (and the Trabi is STILL better! ;)

    "Poor performance"? What nonsense! Why a Trabi outperforms all other cars (of its own 36-year era) in its displacement range!

    "Inefficient"? How many cars of the era got 26HP out of 600cc? That Bourgie, nay, Fascist* so-called "People's car" (VW) needed double the displacement just to get 36hp!

    But, yes, believe it or not, a Trabant can be considered a "luxury" car.
    What other car of the era had:
    4-wheel independent suspension?
    Rack & Pinion steering?
    All 4 forward gears synchronized?
    Roll up windows? ('64 models and newer)
    An effective heating system, especially when compared to that Nazi-financed so-called "People's car"… Car heaters used to be pretty crummy generally, remember?

    * - Why do I call VW "fascist"? Hitler himself laid the factory's cornerstone! Bad, bad Wolfsburg!
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  4. Wartburg353W

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    No way Keri. Wartburg was the luxury liner of East Germany. Two words: fuel gauge. You don't have to lift the hood to gas up. An extra cylinder, more hp, large trunk and four doors, all steel body (!) on frame construction, better heat than any air-cooled car plus all the stuff you list for your vaunted Trabant are just icing on the cake. P.S. it is just silly to call the Trabant (or Wartburg) a luxury car. They were designed as the antithesis of luxury cars. They were meant to be a utilitarian device for an allegedly classless society where consumerism was seen as a problem to be eradicated, so we are both silly to take the bait.
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  5. Keri

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    You said "Fuel Gauge" and "Four Doors"! We were hoping to keep this big secret, well, secret, but now you let the cat out of the bag.
    Now we have to reconstitute the DDR so as to recall all remaining "601-L" (for Luxus) models for truth-in-advertising violations! Unfortunately, they must now all be recalled and re-labeled "601-S" for Spartan.

    And yes, sadly, consumerism still needs to be eradicated.
    Though there have been some minor setbacks*, Responsible Comrades continue to work on the Mindless Consumerism Eradication Project, or MCEP, night and day.

    *- minor setbacks may include the spread of mindless consumerism worldwide, destruction of the first socialist state and resulting cessation of Duroplast production.
    Not to worry, as these are only "minor" setbacks!
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  6. turbofiat124

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    Two funny thing I heard in the video.

    Luxury: I suppose having anything on four wheels would be considered a "luxury". The alternative would be walking or riding the bus! Years ago one of my friends (Brian) was talking about how ugly VW Type1s were and this other guy (Jack) owned one but Brian didn't know it. So Jack replied, "Well it's better than walking..."

    Average price: 13,000 to 17,000 Euros? Is that the equivilant to todays money or 1980s money? In other words did a Trabant actually cost $20,000 in say 1981 which would have been the equivilant to a BMW or was that in today's money (say a Toyota Corrola)? Or compared to the average wage of an East German?

    I read somwhere that in 1981 the cost of a Trabant cost 1/4th of a VW Golf in West Germany. But you have to consider wages.

    I won't tell you what I now earn but in 1986 I was making minimum wage at $3.35 an hour at a grocery store and gas cost around $.89 a gallon. Now it's around $2.65 a gallon (well this time of year). I earn a lot more than what I did almost 30 years ago.

    I figured up back in my high school days a gallon of gas was like paying $8.00 to $9.00 a gallon in todays money. So I seldom complain about the price of gasoline.
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  7. Keri

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    I believe the price was around 12,000 East German Marks. West German marks were valued about .25¢. East German ones were probably cheaper.
    But there is more to this price. Your wages were low, but...
    Your housing, medical, education and food expenses were extremely low or even free in a socialist country.

    This is in stark contrast to capitalist countries, where the basic necessities of life are all sold at Profit, and thus relatively expensive.
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  8. trabant601

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    You guys crack me up. If 10 or more people would chime in we could do a comedy sketch.

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