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    'bant Loyal Comrade

    There is a Trabant Kombi for sale, not far from me. The chassis number looks valid (starts with an E that suggests that it has been rebodied at some point) but it doesn't have any registration documents. In Norway I can ask Vegvesen to search on a chassis number to find the old registration documents, if the car was registered here at some point. In this case, the car has never been registered here in Norway so getting hold of those documents is not possible. Thus getting it registered here in Norway is going to be extremely difficult.

    Does anyone know if there is a similar system in Germany as getting hold of the original German registration documents as these would probably be enough to satisfy Vegvesen and allow the car to be put back on the road. I am assuming the car was registered in Germany as it has an E chassis number which is given to cars that have been rebodied (at the Zwickau works?).

    Are there any similar systems in the old Soviet bloc countries?

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