1. trabnik

    trabnik Newbie

    Hey there Trabant volk,
    I'm fixing up a 1965 601S Deluxe. Looks like it's been sitting awhile. Doesn't have any glaring rust-so the bones are good. It's been converted to 12V. Has the Scirokko gas heater under the hood-what could go wrong there? With the heater beside fuel tank, exhaust etc. Note to self: Install carbon monoxide detector and carry large fire extinguisher. Among many maintenance items I'm replacing the CV shafts-unfortunately the first set I ordered from Trabantwelt.de were the wrong ones (my fault). So those newer style with splines will be going in the classifieds...
    Speaking of Trabantwelt.de...wow! One week to North America with DHL/ Canada Post. So far really impressed with that company.
    That's all for now!

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Trabantwelt.de is the best. I visited their shop the last time I was in Germany. Great people and very helpful.
    Cool that you have the heater...will probably come in handy in Canada.
  3. trabnik

    trabnik Newbie

    The only problem is with the cold comes the salt on the roads. The trabbi is too nice to ruin with salt! Yes for the fall and spring it will be good.

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