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    JASONCHAD submitted a new Vehicle:

    Harley Davidson Tribute Bike

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  2. Bountyflyer

    Bountyflyer Premium Member Forum Donor

    I never thought that I'll be an inspiration to anyone! Now I'll pull mine out and burn some JET-A in the morning.... I just hope non of my redneck neighbours will shoot at me while charging down on our little country road.

    Nice bike! Does it vibrates at higher speeds?

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    I have only gone about 25 mph, running it at 16:1 oil ratio to break it in. After I run it for a while I will probably run it at 40:1 and make some carburetor adjustments to see what it will do. It rattles quite a bit on rough roads...but I can deal with it.

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