1. Reid Henry

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    I know I technically already posted in a different thread a while ago, BUT i just realized I never actually introduced myself to the forum so here I go!

    The name is Reid, I'm an American 21 year old, currently studying at University at IU.
    I've had an interest in the Trabant for quite a while now, going on 5 years. It all began when my German teacher in Highschool taught a rather large unit on the DDR. I was so intrigued by the sputtering little cars, and felt immediately drawn to them. I got my first car not long after this, but always thought back to what it would be like to own and drive a Trabant.
    Which bring me to the present! and while I'm not yet a Trabi owner, I am determined to remedy that! Ideally I would love to make it a daily driver, and turn heads everywhere I go! I've even considered a 1.1, even though I know some say thats cheating!
    If anyone has any leads on someone who may be selling, or importing let me know! I'm trying to build up some money currently to move forward!
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  2. turbofiat124

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    Hello! Contact the owner of this car, he exports cars from Hungary:


    I'm 99% sure he is the same person who imported mine from Hungary. Just ask him if he own's G&G export and you'll know if it's the same guy.

    If he still has this car for sale, I'd go for it. $5100 is not a bad price for a Trabant in this condition. If not he can get you one in the condition you request and do all the customs BS and arrange shipment to anywhere in the US.

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