1. Mick phillips

    Mick phillips Newbie

    I've fancied buying a Trabbi since moving fro the uk to Bulgaria 12 years ago, well, earlier this year I finally got around to it and bought a 1990 kombi

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  2. JAK

    JAK Newbie

    My kombi is from a village near Plovdiv.
  3. Mick phillips

    Mick phillips Newbie

    So is mine, I have the original sales receipt and it now lives in another village near plovdiv
  4. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    My son was in Plovdiv and Sofia a couple of years ago on a study trip. He saw and sent back pics of Trabants, Moskvitches and Volgas. Sounds like a good place to be for them, since they are still in daily use there.
  5. Mick phillips

    Mick phillips Newbie

    They are vanishing fast, still about but not nearly as many as there used to be, 10 years ago they were all you saw, 5 years ago they were being scrapped in huge numbers but today its mostly lada's still in daily use
  6. ivanski

    ivanski Newbie

    Hello there Mick. I live in Plovdiv and also in Sofia, but my specialized trabi repair garrage is in a village near Plovdiv city. If you have any questions or need help, I will gladly help or guide you. Feel free to PM for details.
  7. Neil

    Neil Newbie

    Hi Mick. Ha! My Trabi P601s Kombi came from Bulgaria to the UK in September 2020, but I have no idea whereabouts in BG she lived. Mine is a bit rough around the edges, but she's a runner. I am just waiting for this cold weather to go so I can get some jobs done on her and get her out and about.

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