1. Gromyko

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    Hey, I've always been fascinated by Trabants, the charm they have and something about it really encapsulates the Warsaw Pact for me. I'm a Czech, but East Germany has always been a particularly fascinating case to observe.

    I'm on the lookout for Trabis (preferably Kombis) that are for sale in the US. I know it's slim pickings, but it seems there are sometimes good deals? There are alot of listings however that are very overpriced - I saw a few online for 6,000 to 9,000 USD for a so-so condition Trabi in the US. That's far more than it would even cost to import it yourself. Ah but anyways, I'm very interested in keeping track of these neat cars.
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  2. trondd

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    Welcome. There are a couple of us in Massachusetts.

    You'll probably either have to pay to import one, or pay to transport one over land from the other side of the country. So it's hard to find a good deal.
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    See your latest thread, Gromyko!

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