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    I have just acquired a Trabi 601 which I have been told has been lurking in a barn somewhere in England more or less since 1989. Has it's original East German plates so I'm assuming it has never been registered in this country. Judging by the amount of cobwebs and spiders in and around the passenger area and engine area, I can well believe it. There is 83000 kms registered on the clock and the only ID I can find is a chassis number 3245016. Does anyone know if I can get info from this number as to the year of manufacture and any other useful info from the East German plates.

    It appears to be a 6 volt system as the battery in situ is 6 volt although I haven't checked bulbs, etc. It will need some TLC on the bodywork and who knows what on the engine and mechanics, but it will be a learning curve and I'm hoping for help from this forum.
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    The number in the firewall, either on the aluminum plate or the one spot welded , both are above the gas tank can help you. The number on the passengers fender will not help. Just look the number up in the reference section on this forum and it will tell you the year and body style.
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