1. Three cars in for me, East German, American and English.

    The two you're not interested in are an '89 Chrysler Lebaron GTC and a '68 Landrover IIA. Both nice, Chrysler having gearbox rebuilt (at huge expense) Land Rover dry stored awaiting a new Chassis and maybe an LPG petrol engine.

    BUT.... My Trabant is my daily hack. It's an '84 601s, about a zillion K's on the clock. It's not tidy, or clean, no prizes at the car shows for me. If you get to the Ace for red october, you will have seen it there no doubt (Next to Peters nice clean one).

    There is an 81 6-volter here too (one of the Dublin ten no less), but it's a bit of a wreck, belongs to a friend and is undergoing restoration for use summer 2012.

    Me ? I'm in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, noting amazing really. member of a couple of clubs, Hatfield Heritage Vehicle Society, American Auto Club UK, The Wartburg Trabant IFA club UK, and 'Anything goes' a new (and still very small) local club for all marques and makes.
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    Re: Hello from Hatfielday

    Welcome to the boards and we still like the other cars. I have a Brit car too, a 1980 MGB.

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