1. T-dub13

    T-dub13 Newbie

    Hello Trabi fanatics,

    I was posted in Germany in 1989-1992 and had the chance to drive a Trabi which I fell in love with. I'm a Mechanical Engineer now, and have made a living designing, machining, welding, fabricating and so-on. I currently race Vintage MX and Hare scrambles and I'm an avid 2-stroke fanatic.

    I will be lurking on these pages for a while and gaining all the info and knowledge I can. Hopefully I will find a Trabi to buy within the next year or so. I think I would want a P601 wagon, so if anyone knows of one in the area, please let me know!

    I'm also interested in just climbing all over one to see just how it's built. Suspension, brakes, engine, transmission... I'm thinking I'd build the engine to more modern porting and combustion chamber standards, carb it with twin Mikuni's and build some pipes as well. :)
  2. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    Hi, did you ever find one? Feel free to message me. I'm in MA.
  3. TrabiCRAZY

    TrabiCRAZY Puttering Along

    Hello from Ohio. I bought my 1979 601S sedan off Adam Benko, sells them in the Tampa Bay area. I do know he currently has a 1974 Kombi for sale, though I am not sure how much he is asking for it at this time. But if you are interested, message me. I have links to his Facebook, email and phone number. Thanks!

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