1. Andrew

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    Hi, My name is Andrew, From Wellington New Zealand.

    I brought a 1977 Neptunblau Trabant 601 in Leipzig from a man who spoke no english and ich spreche kein Deutsch, about a month and a half ago while travelling around Germany. Its currently in a container on a ship somewhere in the Indian Ocean, hopefully it should arrive around the 6th of September.

    The Car has been in storage since 1993, only one owner, and I have all the original documentation, but will still require a fair bit of work before it can be back on the road.



    I am looking forward to asking lots of questions, as I have never ever worked on a car before, except for changing a tire and installing a car stereo.
  2. Justin

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    Welcome Andrew!

    I think that the Trabi is a very fitting car to be seen in New Zealand. Will you be the only one (that you know of?) I know there are some in Australia but I have not heard of any in New Zealand.

    Do you have an expected arrival date on the car?

    Of course feel free to ask any questions, we can get you in touch with vendors for parts and a few other things too. As for questions there are some knowledgeable people on here, ESPECIALLY Keri; Keri is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and from what I have seen and experienced is always willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to advice. Her advice has been always correct as well from my experience.

    How is the overall condition? Body seems to be good, but how is it mechanically? Another thing you might want to consider buying for it is the Electronic Ignition Base Plate, especially given how far you are from a parts source, this little thing converts your car from points and gives better reliability, I know of several cars in the U.S. and the U.K. that have had this done and once the timing is properly set, you shouldn't have any issues with that and it takes away ever having to play with points plus takes about 15 min to install.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum and it's nice to see another fan pop up in your part of the world.

    Can't wait to see more pictures of the car once it gets to NZ.

  3. Keri

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    Welcome, Andrew!

    Well, if you have to start working on cars, a Trabi is probably one of the easiest to start with...
    It was designed to be serviced by the operator with a minimum of special tools or equipment.
    My advice is to study basic principles of how things work.

    Breaker points build character! :lol:
    Sadly, half of the guys in my shop couldn't identify one when I passed around one of my old ones. Darn kids!
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  4. Andrew

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    The Trabi is expect to arrive next month on the 6th September, the mechanical condition looks good, but that is only based on a visual inspection the car, it had only just got out of storage and it was unable to be turned over due to the lack of battery, and the cylinders and fuel tank had been filled with oil when it was originally put in storage. Visually, the engine bay looked in good condition, no rust in that area, there is a bit of rust on the door sills, but I see that LDM has replacement parts if needed. Brakes will need to be replaced, but hopefully at least for starters, that will all that will need to be done to get it certified and on the road.

    My intention is to do a full strip down of the car, and have it restored to its original condition, no fancy lowering etc, just back to factory.. the only major thing in the interior that needs to be fixed is that the driver seat cover doesn't match, so I will be trying to find a new seat cover or just get everything redone.

    I have seen photographic evidence of 2 other Trabant 601's in New Zealand, but one is in a car museum, I've also been told that there is a man who owns two or three up in the top of the north island, apparently a p50 and several 601's.

    If you didn't see the album link at the bottom of my first post there is a bunch more photos in there..


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  5. Andrew

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    Quick update on the Trabi Front... still waiting..
    It missed its connecting boat in sydney, so it had to wait another week for the next boat, if finally left last Friday expecting to arrive in wellington today/tomorrow, however there was a big storm nation wide over the weekend and now they are really far behind the schedule, at this point it is expected to arrive in SouthPort at the bottom of the south island in about 23hrs... then it stops in Dunedin, Christchurch and then finally Wellington... if it goes to plan (which I doubt) it is expected to arrive in Wellington on the 18th, plus a few days for it to be extracted from its container, go through biosecuirty and then finally get released to me...
  6. Viktor Boros

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    Hi Andrew, I am from Christchurch. Originally from Hungary. I been driven Trabant before. I love to get one here in the next few years. How is yours? Did you done some work on it. I love to see some photos.
  7. Andrew

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