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    Hello all. My name is Mark Heider and I live in northwest Ohio. My father bought a 1969 601 in the early 2000s from a relative of my brother-in-law in Germany (my sister married a German national she met when she was there as a college “exchange” student). He went through the whole process of importing the car and getting it titled here in Ohio himself. He was a car “nut” and thought having a Trabant would be a fun and unusual addition to his collection. Unfortunately, his health deteriorated so he was not really able to enjoy it and it has been stationary in the garage for more than 10 years.

    The odometer shows only 21,451 km on it. I am not positive if that is in excess of 100k or not, but the general condition of the car overall, including the appearance of the engine compartment, leads me to believe that it could be only 21,000 km total but it’s hard to say for certain.

    I need to do an assessment of the car to see what needs attention to make it roadworthy. My guess is brakes will need attention based on threads here and elsewhere that state that the brakes on these cars are not happy with being unused for long periods of time. I am hoping there is not extensive rust underneath but I have not had a chance to climb under there to check it out.

    I will no doubt have lots of questions regarding this car, and it seems there are lots of members who have extensive knowledge about repairs here so I look forward to learning from all of you.
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    Thanks for the welcome BillB. I stumbled upon that Facebook group last week and I joined up.

    I have been working my way thru the threads here as well. As you said, lots of good info.

    I am looking forward to getting this car back on the road. I am just not sure how long that will take yet. I am working on my dissertation proposal for my Ph.D. program and also work full-time so have less free time than I would like, and I do not know yet what I am in for as far as issues with the car.


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  5. trabant601

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    Hello Mark,
    Welcome! Have fun,
  6. trabant601

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    Oh, I'm in Indiana.
  7. Caleb

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    Welcome to the club from Kentucky!
  8. Buckeye601

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    Fellow members located in Kentucky and Indiana. Maybe there is a chance that we will run into one another somewhere along the way.

    Thanks to all for the welcome.
  9. Bill Overbaugh

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    Welcome mark!
    I’m in The Fingerlakes in NY, also not too far from you.
    Good luck with the car. They’re a lot of fun.
  10. Buckeye601

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    Thanks Bill. I can't wait to get it on the road.
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    Dang! You Midwesterners have all the fun!

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