JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

  2. Caleb

    Caleb Loyal Comrade

    That's a steal at the current price, I wonder what their reserve is. It is a beautiful car!
  3. staplerformilton

    staplerformilton Puttering Along

    That's a great car! I'd swap that interior for stock but it looks really nice as it is anyway.
  4. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    i agree it looks like a great car and would be fun to take to shows
    some day i will get a p50 or -60
  5. Caleb

    Caleb Loyal Comrade

    Does anyone know if it actually sold? I didnt see anything about the reserve being met or not. looks like the final bid was about $10,000.00
  6. Andras K

    Andras K Newbie

    I still have the car and it's on eBay again with no reserve! As far as the interior goes it's vinyl with cream borders. The only extra is the headliner, which can be removed and the roof can be painted for the choice of your taste. I think so too, this car is a steal for the money I want to get for it, which is $13000. It's kind of rare year and style. Not to mention the excellent shape she's in with current California registration!!! Let me know if you're interested or want to see more pictures. Thanks!

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