1. Serendipity

    Serendipity Newbie

    Hey guys,

    I'm from Canada, but living in Hungary for the time being. I see Trabants everywhere. I'd really like to buy one, but first want to get familiar with them; that's why I joined the forum.

    I own an '86 Corolla. It originally was Carburated (56 WHP) with a four speed Auto Transmission and an Open-Diff with Drum Brakes. My dad and I modified it with a TRD 2-Way Differential, Disk-Brakes, a 5 speed Manual Transmission, and an EFI fifth generation 4-AG engine (130WHP).

    If I'm going to live here in Europe I need something to toy with. I hope it's a Trabby.

  2. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Hello! Welcome from Texas!

    Glad to have you on the boards.

    If you do get one and bring it back to Canada, we have another Canadian member on here! I'm sure he'd be happy to help.
  3. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    Where you are, you have many to choose from. Take your time and find one that is all original and well-cared for. It's worth it and shouldn't really be terribly expensive there. You want one that the original owner rustproofed and kept it up as long as he had it.
  4. jfreakofkorn

    jfreakofkorn Loyal Comrade

    jo napot es siza .... =0)
  5. Serendipity

    Serendipity Newbie

    Sziastok. :) I'm interested in buying Trabants to clean up and sell overseas. I would like to start by buying ones in good condition that need a good detailing job and a tune up, then progress onto ones needing more TLC as I become more familiar with them. The majority of my car-geek friends back home are going bonkers at all the trabant pictures I'm posting.

  6. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    As someone who has connections & spends time in Hungry.I can tell you that there are not so many Trabi's
    around these days. A few years ago they had a scheme where they would offer you a good deal on a new car if
    You give them a Trabi. The idea was to show the EU that Hungry was tying to clean up its air quality. This ment
    That thousands of Trabi's & other 2 stroke cars where scrapped :(.
    Now the Trabi's that are left are mint and looked after by people like us, or they are rough and Only fit for spare parts. But you do see quite a lot still uesd for rallying and slaloms.:D
  7. Serendipity
    I have to agree with the above comments, your going to be hard pushed to find ones that need a little detail and tuned, i spent two years looking for such a car, never found it, bought one that i thought was ok, but on further inspection found the previous owner had botched many of the jobs to keep it road worthy, i'm now looking at doing a full bottom to top restoration, a lot more than i initially wanted :(
  8. Serendipity

    Serendipity Newbie

    I totally hear you. I found the same thing with my ol' Corolla. There's better conditioned cars to be found, but a 30 year old car is still a 30 year old car.
  9. Serge

    Serge Puttering Along

    I also live in Hungary and bought mine last summer from first owner there are more like this over here you have to look but still you will find some
    also bougt one for spares € 100
    Serendipity wher do you live in HU ?
  10. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    Hello Serge welcome to the forum.
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  11. Serge, where in Hungary are you? i'm in Budapest :)
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  12. Serge

    Serge Puttering Along

    Alsómocsolád -near Dombovar, Baranya that's like 2hrs from Budapest
  13. i was hoping you would say BP ha ha ha
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  14. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

    You arent too far from where my wife grew up and my inlaws live in Pecs. Beautiful country
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