1. Simon

    Simon Newbie

    Hi All,

    Just signed up to the forum. Unfortunately I don't have my own Trabi (yet!) but have wanted to own one ever since I was shown the sites of Krakow in the back of one a couple years ago.

    Any suggestions of the best way to get myself a Trabi are most welcome!!!


  2. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    There area few people on here with connections throughout the UK. I'm sure we'll be able to locate one sooner or later...What are the specifics you're looking for? Year, Kombi or Limo? 601, P50 or 1.1? Etc.
  3. Simon

    Simon Newbie

    Thanks for the reply, nothing too specific at all but would prefer a Limo. Not too bothered about age as long as it is a good runner.
  4. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    Hello Simon there are quite a lot of Trabants popping up on eBay at the moment, but most of them are shot.
    I picked up my trabi from auto-trader for £1300, plus a load off spare parts. They are out there you just have to keep an eye out.
    Good luck. :)
  5. Simon

    Simon Newbie

    Thanks for the response, that would be the sort of price I would be looking to pay. Looks like I'll have to be patient!
  6. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Hello Simon,

    Missed your post, welcome to the club, I'm near Aberlour, Moray, so let me know if you find one and we can compare notes! I found mine randomly on Ebay up in Rosemarkie, but it seems you'd have to travel a bit further nowadays...

    Anyway good luck with the search, they really are great to own, worth the wait!

    Cheers now, Ron.
  7. Simon

    Simon Newbie

    Hi again, just seen a trabi on eBay but it hasn't been registered in the UK. Is it a difficult process to get trabis registered?
  8. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    I found it tiresome, rather than difficult...

    It's easier if the car has been in the country since before 2013, before the HMRC's Notification of Vehicle Arrivals (NOVA) regulations came into force. They make allowances for the fact that you won't have a Certificate of Conformity or much information on the vehicle.

    I have only done it once, so am not an expert! It went like this:

    1. Got the Trabi driveable/reliable/mot-able.

    2. Insured the car (using it's chassis number), I'm with Adrian Flux, there are other classic insurers who will do this though.

    3. Pass Mot test (I fitted replicas of the car's original number plates, but this is apparently not a legal requirement when driving to a pre-arranged Mot test. However, nothing stands out like a car without plates, and I didn't fancy explaining the finer points of the law to a Constable or the Mot tester).

    4. Requested NOVA form, filled in and sent off with an explanatory letter and copies of anything you get with the car, particularly anything that shows how long it's been here.

    5. Requested V55 from DVLA (application for the first registration of a used vehicle). For this, the more info you can get the better. A dating letter from an expert proving the build date of the car, the Mot certificate, insurance docs, pictures of the VIN plate etc... and of course a cheque. It's £55 admin and the cost of the tax, £145 per year for the Trabi.

    Within a week or two of sending this in to the DVLA, you'll hopefully receive your logbook (V5), and a certificate of entitlement to the issued registration number.

    Looks a lot written down, it's not so bad really, and if you needed any help at any point, just ask! Be aware that depending on your Mot man, you may have to modify the car. This could include the fitting of side repeating indicators, and even rear seat belts depending on the year of the car. I found an old-school mechanic, and none of this was required.

    Good luck with the search, keep us updated!

  9. midwoodmikky

    midwoodmikky Newbie

    Hya Simon, Ron and everyone! Newbie to the site, and I haven't got a Trabi yet either, DOH!
    Well, I don't mind saying that i would not mind one that is 'shot' to be honest, its about all I could afford at the moment, plus I really would like a 'ground up restoration' project for the time on my hands and the tools in my box, so if anyone knows of anything like a basic shell which would be relatively inexpensive, please let me know!
    Also, is there a spares section on the site, with prices?
    I went to the Buckie Classic car show at Buckie last Sunday, mainly because I'm into the classics, but they are so expensive now, even the ones in a bad state commanding silly money.
    Anyway, I saw 'G595ORKY' (?) up there, ''Rosie'' I think she is called? That Trabant has really piqued my interest in these cars.
    I note that you are in Aberlour Ron, I'm Buckie way, at Clochan.
    I shall have to start looking at fleabay to see what there is then, so I best be getting a wriggle on then! Bye for now!
  10. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Aye Mikky, Rosie is my pride and joy!

    Was a good day at Buckie I thought, despite the poor weather... It is frustrating that Trabi values have gone up a bit, I paid £400 six years ago, but even a fairly rough one seems to fetch more than that nowadays. They do come up on ebay quite often, and I'd certainly be willing to help/advise if you see one local-ish. There's also a Facebook page, 'Scottish Supporters of the IFA Club', or something like that, might be worth asking them if anything's going just now?

    If you do want a better look at Rosie, let me know, I'm always happy to talk Trabbies, and I work at Portgordon so it'd be no bother.

    Cheers then, Ron.
  11. Hi Simon,

    welcome and good luck finding what you want :) on a side note me being based in Hungary now perhaps we could establish a network for parts supply to Scotland :) (originally from Edinburgh but moved to Hungary 7 years ago)
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