1. You can come see it if you get over this way.

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Yep. 50:1...just like your chain saw. The know does turn off the petcock. There are 3 positions. Zu (off), Auf (on), and Reserve (reserve). After driving, always turn it to the off position. I usually turn it to the off position for a minute before turning off the key to minimize the drip on my floor. I once left it on and leaked a good bit of fuel on the floor.

    Good luck and enjoy!
  3. TNTrabi

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    Use a 50:1 ratio. There was a discussion about using extra oil and going to a 40:1 ratio but the manual calls for 50:1. The fuel tap under the dash works as such, with the lever handle pointing to the passengers side, that is the off position. Handle pointing down, that is the on position. Handle towards the drivers side, that is reserve. If you can see the red standpipe in the tank then you need to be in the reserve position to get fuel to the carb. Since the carb is dripping fuel when the fuel is on, you need to check the float valve under the bowl lid. It should shut the fuel flow off when the bowl is full and not drip out of the hose.
  4. Thanks to everyone. I pulled bowl cover and found the needle worn. Didn't do anything with it but put back together of course it still leaks. Anyway a little gas makes a big difference. It started up and ran well. It definitely isn't a hot rod. Anyway it was fun to drive and I'm sure I would kill mosquitos. We'll put it on a shelf for a while and maybe drive more next summer.

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