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    A Horch P240 on display at the Horch Museum in Zwickau, Germany. http://www.horch-museum.de/
    Before WWII Horch manufactured luxury cars - Herman Goering owned several. During the war Horch built trucks and military vehicles. The Soviets plundered the factory after the war and began building their own version of Horch trucks. In the 1950s Horch were tasked to build a limosine for Party officials. The P240 was a lot less impressive than Horch's pre-war cars but was still a decent car. Production was very slow and only a few hundred were built before the Soviets turned to their own Zil limosine and the Czech Tatraplan.
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    It was a much better car than anything the Russians were making at the same time. The car pictured is one of the Communist built, Sachsenring models, made by the workforce who would make the Trabant. Same car as the Horch, but with a Sachsenring badge. I saw this car up close in the museum and they were an extremely sturdily built car. They were powered by a 6 cylinder, 2.4 litre Horch engine. Horch were equal to Mercedes in the Pre-War German marketplace and were the preferred choice of many. Their engines were renowned for their quietness and smoothness. There's some stunning examples of many of the cars they made in the Horch Museum, where the level of craftsmanship is superb.
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    Just seen this car two weeks ago! It was very strange to see the Trabant sign on the hood....
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    It's a beautiful car though
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    Given that it was only produced for four years and not too many were built as they were too expensive for the citizens, how many ended up as police cars??
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    That's a good question. I don't even know where you would begin to try to reference that information. Maybe a Horch club?
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    I have a couple of books that may or may not have some production numbers listed. I will check.
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    According to Wikipedia.de, only 1,382 were made. There was a station wagon variant used only by DDR-TV, the rest were used as official cars or available exclusively to party functionaries for purchase. My conclusion: not a police car.
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    Re P240 Production 1955-59

    The figure I have (CAN'T guarantee accuracy!) for the Total Production is 3,404 vehicles*
    * 3,250 saloons (sedans) / 150 estates (wagons) / 4 convertibles
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    I think this is a 1956 Sachsenring Cabrio. IMG_20141018_162137.jpg
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