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    I've always seen different kinds of media both about the 601 and the 1.1, and I understand that the 1.1 generally has a better 4 stroke engine, a 12V electrical system, etc. but I can't seem to find too much on how it's performance actually compares to a 601.

    I understand that the performance of a Trabi primarily relies on how it's been maintained and it's upkeep, but how does a 1.1 generally perform and how does it's build quality (say interior dashboard etc.) compare to a 601?

    Do you find it generally easier to handle / drive? How do you feel about the controls inside, such as the gearbox, lights etc. compare to a 601? Are there any improvements / changes that you feel that are particularly noteworthy besides the engine?

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    Interesting dilemma, the 1.1 was an old VW engine at the time, it would likely be a bit better performance but IMHO the 1.1 is not a real trabant, it is more of a last hurray...late 1980s 601s deluxe is the one to have...
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    It's not just the engine the 1.1 also had a different gearbox ,completely different suspension and front disc brakes From wiki top speed was 125km rather than 100 km for the earlier two stroke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trabant_1.1
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    I'm sure people will argue, but my .02, without a two stroke, it ain't a Trabant.
    The 1.1 has the Sachsenring logo on the bonnet, but it's just not a Trabi.
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    I agree with the others, the magic of the Trabant is the two stroke engine. I love showing up for church reeking of 2 stroke smoke. I wear the smell with pride.
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    Would be nice to have one, just to say I have one, but I do prefer the 2 stroke, myself. I'd get an original K├╝bel before I got a 1,1.
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