1. turbofiat124

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    Yeah I mean if I had to replace the brakes again, I could probably do it in one day instead of 6 hours a day for 7 days straight like last time. I just didn't realize the parts like the wheel cylinders, adjusters would appear to "fit" on any wheel, but would not work until Phil told me about it. When my kit arrived, none of the parts were labeled and it was not obvious to me at the time where they went until I got to looking at them.

    On Fiats, the front calipers will fit either the front or left side but the rears won't do to the parking brake mechanism. So it's quite obvious if you get those mixed up when you goto connect the parking brake cabels. Brake rotors are the same on all four wheels. Brake pads are somewhat interchangable. The rears are much thinner so front pads won't work because the calipers won't screw all the way back in.

    But you can use the front pads on the rear if they are worn down enough. You know if you are on the cheap..

    Someone told me you could use front calipers on the rears but you would sacrifice the parking brake.

    I'm sure Matteo from Italy has probably worked on Fiat brakes and maybe a better judge than I am when it comes to comparing Trabant with Fiat braking systems.
  2. turbofiat124

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    Glad I was not driving my Trabant Sunday. We had a major hailstorm (and a tornado) and I got stuck in it on the way to work and it beat the hell out of my Subaru. I'd hate to think what it would have done to the Duraplast body panels.

    It did $4800 worth of damage and didn't even crack any of the windows or trim but it did my coworkers vehicles. Although I found a small dent in the moulding on the driver's door.

    I had previously driven my Trabant the night before. Luckily my fuel filter started giving me issues on the way home from work so I decided to leave it in garage. I probably wouldn't have driven it anyway because I knew a bad storm was headed this way but had no idea there was golf ball size hail in it. Luckily the the hail stones that fell up my house were about the size of cotton balls so it didn't damage my van or Explorer.

  3. Bill Overbaugh

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    Wow Turbofiat That's a bummer abot the Subaru!

    I drive mine nearly every day now. Though I got my 55 Buick running again (had to replace the fuel pump) so now I split my drives. Basically, I try to enjoy an old car every day as long as the weather is good.
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  4. turbofiat124

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    Enjoy it while you can! August hasn't been much of a summer month this year. Winter is just around the corner!
  5. Erik Trabant

    Erik Trabant Puttering Along

    Everyday almost since i bought it 3.july this year. The summer here in Norway has been amazing - and hopefully it stays like this for a while.
    I have so far logged over 2000km behind the wheel of my Trabi =)
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  6. michiel76

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    I drive it only when weather conditions are good like spring or summer when it is dry.
    When it is raining or snowing during winter he stays into garage.
    So I can keep him longer in good condition because metalwork is ok and no rust on crossmembers.
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  7. every weekend in the spring, summer, and autumn... :) i love it
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  8. mbeamish

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    First long trip in wartburg since I bought it. Spent a week in Donegal ( Ireland) 620 miles . Wipers cam loose ( a previous owners has bodged on wipers from a different car) Overall performed great . We took a wrong turn and did 5 miles on a gravel road which it coped with very well . I have heard the suspension was designed softly sprung because of the poor roads in eastern bloc ? True I don't know
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    I love driving mine, but I still work full-time. Bringing it to work is problematic, since I a) work around the public* and b) it's about a twenty-two mile trip each way.**

    * means I have to budget in an extra thirty minutes or so in my work day to answer questions about the car. I love doing it, but my other work (the stuff they pay me for) doesn't get done! Sometimes I even get calls about it in my office. So, since it's become a distraction, I don't bring it to work much any more.

    ** I take only back roads and secondary highways to get to work. Even so, the trip is about 70+ km. That adds up! In the last two months I've put over 2000 KM on the car!

    So now, I confine my driving in the Trabi to evenings after work and weekends. And only in good weather! I go to lots of car meets and ice cream shops. It truly stops traffic! Everybody wants to come see the little car! :)
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  10. michiel76

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  11. Rezzato

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    I drove mine everyday. It was great for a small city like Santa Cruz.

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