1. Josand

    Josand Puttering Along

    Hi all, have a 1977 limo and want to renew the brakes. Have got the pullers, old and new type and have tried both. Bloody hubs will not come off even when applying plenty of pressure.
    Lost for ideas so here I am, begging for help.......

    kindest regards

  2. TheHun

    TheHun Puttering Along Forum Donor

    Are the pullers you have strong enough? I remember back in the day the one I used was a heavy duty piece that must have been 20lb in weight. It attached with a ring to the 4 bolts and pushed in the middle with a screw as thick as my arm...you load it with pressure, use extension of 2-3 feet in lenght, bang on the drum near the center a few times, load it again, i.e. crank it some more, repeat. Those cones on the trabby are massive and take a lot of force. Make sure the car is well supported. The force I was usingbon it moved the whole car on the stands....
  3. Josand

    Josand Puttering Along

    The pullers I am using are both the original Trabant pullers, old type and new type. Have used lots of pressure but not an extension bar. You are right, I almost moved it of of the axle stands.
    Will try again with a long bar and hope.........

    Thanks for the reply

    kindest regards from Aschaffenburg, Bayern

  4. TheHun

    TheHun Puttering Along Forum Donor

    Don't forget to bang on the drum near the cone with a hammer while loaded with pressure, than crank it some more...
  5. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    Those axle nuts are real tight. 150 lb ft or more. I use an extension bar at least 3 feet long to tackle these and use the factory puller that splits with a holding ring and which locates on the ring on the hub around the axle nut. If you are still struggling, try a little heat from a blowlamp on the stub axle end area whilst loading up the puller. If you place your bar so that your effort is going down vertical, you should not affect the car being on stands.
  6. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I don't know if this helps but here is my experience with those hubs.

    I once broke two breaker bars trying to remove one of those 36 mm nuts doing a brake job. I ended up applying about 30 seconds of heat from a propane torch on the nut. Then it came right off like nothing. You could try heating the hub up a bit where it slides onto the tapered stud. Don't use acetylene. That's too drastic.

    One time I was torquing that hub puller down and eventually one of the driveshafts started to spin. I tried locking the driveshaft down with a pipe wrench to no avail.

    The trick I used on that was to leave the wheels attached to the brake drums then place a floor jack under the cross member and raise the front end up a few inches. Enough to where the jack is supporting the weight of the car but with the wheels still touching the ground just a bit. Then I chocked both wheels. By doing this will lock the transmission and prevent the driveshaft from spinning while torquing down the hub removal tool. Of course the car has to be in gear, 1st or reverse.

    Once you feel the hub start to slide off, do the other wheel then raise the front end off the ground and stick some jack stands under the car. Then use continue to pull both hubs off the car.

    If you happen to run into that.

    One more thing. I've removed the hubs to the point, I have destroyed those lock washers. I used blue LockTight and painted reference marks on the hub and drum and they haven't moved a bit since the last time I fooled with it. That was last summer after replacing the wheel bearings.
  7. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    I would question the wisdom of using Loctite on this assembly. Torquing up to 150 lb ft AND using Loctite is asking for trouble when you need to take it off again apart from not using a locking washer designed for the job. False economy in my view and the consequences of a wheel coming off doesn't bear thinking about.
  8. Josand

    Josand Puttering Along

    Thx for all you replys.......job done at last. Lots of pressure on a long leverage bar with the occasional thump with a big hammer and the hubs just jumped off.
    Hopefully a job thats not t

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