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    Hey guys. I bought an '83 trabant 601S several weeks ago. The previous owner didn't know anything about it or what it was! He wasn't very patient with me wanting to look at it thoroughly. I ended up buying within a couple minutes of looking at it.

    I got it home and cleaned the carb, replaced the plugs, new battery, etc and got it running. The little 2 stroke runs pretty good. The brakes are out but I couldn't help not driving it. I drove it through the neighborhood using the handbrake to stop.

    I noticed the steering wheel moving in and out during the drive. I got it home and realized that the front crossmember/frame rails are badly rusted and the drivetrain flexes from the body! The floor seems pretty decent and that's probably the only thing holding the car together! Those duroplast panels hide it so well.

    As much as I would LOVE to have a trabi, I think this one is too far gone for me. It looks like all the sheetmetal parts are still available from Germany so it COULD be fixed. I'm just not capable of doing the work. I have the car listed for sale locally but the more I look at it, the more I want to keep it!

    How likely am I to find a solid trabi body in the USA that I could swap my drivetrain and other parts onto? I've never seen another trabant anywhere near Oklahoma.
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    In Oklahoma? I’m in Wichita- so not too far away. You are right, not many Trabant in our area!

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