1. vdubbin

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    A chap I know in local VW circles approached me with a proposal yesterday. He has a Barkas B1000 bus lying up at the house. It served as a pirate radio station in Berlin before the wall came down. He has no papers, no log book, no German registration documents of any sort. Ran when parked. No rust (apparently, I haven't seen any photos yet), and it's in a shed, but he needs to make room for a load of wood he's just after cutting.

    He had a fairly major heart atack a couple of years ago, and hasn't done anything with the bus since then.
    It's mine to take away, but he'd want a few quid if I got it back on the road and sold.

    I told him I'd think about it, and spread the word.

    I'd want my head examined, wouldn't I?

    Is it possible to get the German registration documents from the chassis number? Where would I get the chassis number, and who would I send it to?
  2. mbeamish

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    What country are you in?. I bought my german barkas with no paperwork of any kind ( it was cheap), i put it on temporary Q plates easily enough and then got a dating letter from UK owners club this was enough to get a normal registration in UK . However if you are american it seems VERY hard ( and expensive) to get a title in some states even if you have paperwork, with no paperwork it might be impossible
  3. mbeamish

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    Oh yes check EVERYWHERE for rust these vans are terrible, unless it's a low mileage fire engine
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  5. mbeamish

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    The year is stamped on aluminium VIN plate If the VIN plate is missing the chassis number is stamped into right-hand chassis leg near engine. Remove the front seats and you can then remove entire cab floor (this only takes a minute) look on top of chassis member roughly opposite the carb. You may need to clean off dirt,grease etc ,the number usually is edged in red paint and should be easy to spot
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  6. vdubbin

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    Cheers for that, I'm going to ask for photos to see what I'm letting myself in for! I might cross post this to the UK forum, as I've been authorized. There doesn't seem to be much activity there, though…
  7. mbeamish

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    Rust is main problem,check sills, wheel-arches and suspension mounting points carefully . The window frames/gutters also rust but at least this isn't structural. If its been sitting a while probably needs complete brake overhaul (brake parts are easy to get but cost more than a trabant)
  8. mbeamish

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    I use Danzer mostly for barkas stuff ,much faster than ldm and cheaper, Reich also is good
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    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    If you get a Barkas, I will be very jealous! A Barkas is definitely on my list of vehicles to own...but there aren't too many of them here in the US. When I get to that point, I will probably have to get one shipped over.
  10. vdubbin

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    I asked for photos, and was advised to come out and have a look in person instead.

    " its not in as solid condition as i was thinking, but still very salvagable and complete, "

    Which, in my minds, translates as : "it's much, much worse than when I looked at it last, please come and take it anyway…"
  11. Aaron

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    This scenario has sucked many great men into bad situations with long hours of cutting, grinding, welding, swearing, and throwing tools...Ive got a formula in my head when i look at something..Whatever I can see in 5 minutes looking/driving a car and I figure the repair cost/time involved...Triple it and you'll be close to reality. Maybe thats just me.

    That said, I could never turn down a Barkas
  12. mbeamish

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    What's the score with Irish NCT ,thinking anything pre 1980 you don't need a test (just call it rat-look) and drive it
  13. turbofiat124

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    Exactly! However if the car is 30+ years old, it doesn't require documentation. This is in Tennessee. But all states have their own laws. Sometimes it's easier to have a friend or relative register the car in another state under their name then sign it off to you.

    Another thing is the laws keep changing. Sometimes in your favor. For example, after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it was almost impossible to obtain a title for anything. Simply to prevent the same thing that happened in 1993 after the Mississippi river flood. People would buy late model flooded cars at auctions, clean the inside and out with pressure washers, change all the fluids and somehow retitle them and resell them as if nothing ever happened. Then every time you would move the seat, rust from the springs would fall off onto the carpet. Not to mention electrical issues.

    I enquired about two 1991 Trabbis that were up for sale on Ebay a couple of years ago. The same guy who got me mine. He said he could not title them in Florida because they were too new. When I talked to the ladies at the DMV about this, they seemed to say the car had to be at least 30 years old in Tennessee.

    Now that I got to reading the form, it seems to indicate if the fair market value of the car was less than $3000, it doesn't matter what year it is! Now I'm upset because these '91 Trabbis were really nice and cheap! One was a 1.1 version. But goto the next page. There are stipulations regarding the less than $3000 rule.

  14. vdubbin

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    That's correct, but to get it registered it needs to be inspected. This used to be done by the Irish Revenue, but it's now handled by the NCT centers. It's a flat rate for anything more than 30 years old, but they still assess it for value.

    I've no room for a project at the moment anyways but I've told the seller I'd spread the word, in case anyone is interested.
  15. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Where in ireland is it? I,m in tyrone if it's cheap enough i might buy it for spares
  16. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    Killaloe Co. Clare.

    He said €400/£340, but I' d make him an offer, seeing as you'd be coming so far… All the glass is intact, including windscreen.
  17. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Just looked up address i think i'll be sensible and give it a miss
  18. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I think you should consider it vdubbin....opportunity my not present itself again.
  19. Bountyflyer

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    Was it more then a 100 Imperial miles away? Some of us Yenks drive that much every day to work. There are no distances in the UK! Just go and get it! They don't make them no more! This is why I didn't junk my parts Barkas in Hungary. I'll probably fix it up sometimes and put a Diesel VW engine with an Audi trans behind it....
  20. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    If i had a field to store it i'd probably offer £300 ,

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