1. Macphisto424

    Macphisto424 Newbie

    Hi all,
    I recently got my 601 started after years of sitting. However now it’s having a lot of issues running smoothly. I can only get it started with the choke pulled out all the way, and as the engine warms, I push it further in and then it just dies. There have been occasions where it will be in neutral and it will start to rev uncontrollably, and even when I turn the ignition off, it continues.
    Any ideas??
  2. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    So it sounds like it is having some serious air leaks. Start by seeing if the carb is bolted on snug. Same for the cylinder heads, and cylinders to the block. A good test is to take off the metal elbow(on the carb). While running put your hand over the carb inlet. If it dies-thats good. If it keeps running, then you have air sucking in somewhere else.

    Other issues could be the carb is clogged in some way. Or spark is not consistent..

    Check for air leaks first. Your symptoms remind me of this (may 601, and many old mopeds did the same thing, acts like it is haunted!).

    Might be a bad connection somewhere(why it won't turn off).
  3. Macphisto424

    Macphisto424 Newbie

    Okay thanks a lot
    I’m gonna check that out tommorow
  4. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    I'm sure you know, but since it has sat for so long. Be certain that carb has junk in it. Whether or not is your current issue. ;)

    Either way go ahead and clean it up/out.... When you finally get going down the road, chances are it will billow smoke like a freight train. This is normal after Trabis sit for a while. It will clear out eventually.

    My cloud was so thick I couldn't see the road!

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