1. DDR

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    Can someone please tell me what this is from, I got it in a job lot of Trabi parts . Once I know what it is I can offer it to the right people as it is of no use to me . THANKS :) DSCF3507.JPG DSCF3508.JPG
  2. trabant601

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    That is a nice old in dash ignition switch. If you have a column or under the steering shaft key you don't need this part. Here is a post I put up a while ago, with key info link included.
    "Did you see this link? http://trabantforums.com/threads/key-blank-images.1030/ It is the scan of the copy of the Ilco catalog where Trabant keys are shown. Notice that the Wartburg key is like our older Trabant ignition key."
    So, in my opinion, this is either an old Trabant part or a Wartburg part. I favor the Trabant part end. I have some like this in cars.
  3. DDR

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    Hi @trabant601 , Yes it does look like an early trabi article , however it has alot more contacts on the rear, the key looks like it is stamped with Russian cyrillic lettering. I would not expect this for DDR goods . So, could it be off a Soviet tractor , Lada or something similar ??
  4. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

    That sure could be. If I had a part like that, I would put it in a Trabant as the ignition switch. It looks Trabant enough to me. In this video you can see one of my 1967 Trabants that still has the switch, or one like it. The other 1967 has a Sears tractor key, the one like this one stopped working, I think because the key became a flat sliver of metal that stopped didn't hit in the right spots any more.
  5. Thinsid

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    Cyrillic Alphabet was used by Russians, Bulgarians as well as Mongolians, so could be a Trabant part fitted to an "Export Version".
    Mongolian Cyrillic has 35 Characters compared to 33 for Russian.
  6. Bountyflyer

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    It's a pre 1979 Barkas ignition switch. I have 3 of them in stock. It's the older flat dash version. Also was used on IFA trucks and Robur buses. I wouldn't put it in ANY car or van because it looks pretty dirty. You would want a new one so it wouldn't cause a fire.... Or you can take it apart and clean it up.

    There was a lot of aftermarket parts made in Bulgaria where they use cirilic letters. They still making this switch by the way along with new small coils for older Barkas/Warburgs.

    Keep it as a conversation pace...
  7. Wartburg353W

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