1. Hallo Friends,

    My linksantriebsgelenk (left sided joint between the wheel and the axle) came lose. Fortunately it is back together, but I can't get the ring back on (see photo).

    Does anyone have a hack to get the ring on?

    It's so hard! My hands are covered in grease and I'm not getting anywhere. Any advice would be wonderful.

    All the best from Saxony!

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  2. trondd

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    Are you using snap ring pliers?
  3. turbofiat124

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    You are lucky. I replaced the wheel bearings on mine and somehow lost one of the snap rings so I used one from an assorted box of snap rings about the same size. Apparently it was not the same size. A few months later the snap ring came off, the pin fell out and this is the damage that resulted:


    This car was down for almost 2 or 3 months just waiting on parts from Germany which always seems to take three weeks unless you order parts around Christmas, then it only takes maybe a week. I guess they have more people working that time of the year to handle packages.

    First I messed up and ordered the wrong side axle (due to my lack of German) and had to go back order the correct axle. I asked the vendor if I could sent it back and they never replied!

    Then decided, hey maybe I need to inspect this hinge joint. So I had my step-son who has better eyes than me to take a look at it while it was still on the car and low and behold, he noticed a hair line fracture in it I did not notice when I had the thing apart!

    So I had to go back and order a new hinge joint.

    Also the boot they sent me was impossible to install. I ended up using a boot from a Chevrolet/GMC 4X4 pickup truck which fits and works better than OEM! Notice the photo of the two boots side by side. The one that is longer is the one for the Chevrolet truck.
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