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    Odd flag combination. o_O

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  2. turbofiat124

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    My poor little Yugo needs new wheel bearings and tie rod ends and has an expired license plate dating February 2014. Due to too much attention being spent on the Trabbi.

    I'm afraid my Yugo is getting jealous and I'll enter my garage one of these days to find that my Trabbi has been vandalized by my Yugo like in an episode of the Twilight Zone.
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  3. mbeamish

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    When I used to smoke I would buy cheap smuggled cigarettes from the polish guys at work. I got a carton one day and they were Russian. On the front it said 'American blend' and in small writing on side 'made in russia'
  4. Wartburg353W

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    Ewww! So they put Americans in the cigarettes?
  5. turbofiat124

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    My favorite smoke is Winstons. But I've been smoking so long that I'll smoke about anything if I have a coupon! As long as it's not one of those really cheap cigarettes like Tahoe or L&M.

    When I was in college in the early 90s, RJ Reynolds, marketed a cheaper version called Magnas.


    I bought these for awhile because they were cheaper than Winstons. One thing that prompted me to try them in the first place was they were giving away a keychain lighter with a 2 pack that looked like a spark plug. Of course the refillable lighters like Zippos that use naptha are bad about evaporating and need constant refilling. And of course the lighter was cheap so the igniter gave up the ghost in no time.

    One day I stumbled across Magnas on a website and somehow got the idea they were produced in Eastern Europe by RJ Reynolds and shipped to the US.

    But apparently they are produced in the United States but I have not seen them on the shelves here in ages. It maybe they may be they are just exported outside the US then shipped back in the United States?

    I think the company above is in Cyrus. But has a US phone number. Weird...
  6. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Are there any smuggled cigarettes in the US ?. In Ireland and UK most people seem to smoke smuggled. You can very easily buy them for around 1/2 price of legal cigs . It costs the government billions in lost tax .I gave up smoking about 8 years ago anyway
  7. turbofiat124

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    You can buy tax free smokes at Indian reservations. I don't know what the law is regarding quantity though. I'm sure if you had the entire boot of your car filled to the brim with smokes, you could be labeled as a smuggler. About the only people who would probably get into trouble is shop owners selling smokes with the wrong or scratched off state tax on them.

    I used to drive across the state line in Virginia and pay about 25% to 50% less but over the years, the state tax between Tennessee and Virginia seems to alternate. I have not checked Virginia prices lately to see if they are any cheaper.

    New York seems to be the highest state I've ever bought smokes in. Back in 2000, a pack was $7.00 (London prices!) where they were around $2.50 here.

    For awhile I rolled mine own using this machine that you inserted the paper tube and filter into then sprinkled tobacco into a hopper then this tube which looked like an apple corer shoved the tobacco into the tube.

    It was quite time consuming and there was a trick to getting the tobacco to pack correctly but I saved quite a bit of money. I was trying to quite so my wife gave my machine away!

    The thing is this type of tobacco is labeled as pipe tobacco yet it's actually cigarette tobacco. Apparently there is no law against mislabeling what tobacco is used for! Once you open the bag, it's obvious it's too dry to burn in a pipe.

    This was about 5 years ago. I think I could roll a pack for about 60 cents a pack where a manufactured pack cost around $3.50.

    I've been smoking way too long. I remember when I started smoking back in the late 1980s, a pack of smokes was about the same price as a gallon of petrol. Now a pack of smokes costs 4 times the price of a gallon of petrol! I don't know about alcohol because I don't drink.

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